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I was doing some work on my commercial trailer rig and getting it ready for my monthly school.  This trailer has an 8 GPM hot water machine as well as another 8 GPM cold water machine.  In this video I do a walkaround so you can get a feel for all the pressure washing business equipment on this rig.  But my main focus for this post and video is dealing with BLEACH TANK VENTING.  This is especially important if you are using a van or enclosed trailer to prevent deterioration of your equipment.



There BLEACH TANK VENTING setup begins with one hose that is connected to our air diaphragm system.  But there is also a hose which is solely for the purpose of ventilation.  It has a 90 degree thread to barb fitting on a bulkhead fitting on top of the BLEACH TANK.  This allows the fumes and off gassing to come out from that dedicated hose.  This hose goes through a small hole in the bottom of the trailer.


In this BLEACH TANK VENTING video, I also provide instructions on how we fill the tank with bleach.  We use a 10 GPM flow jet pump, which is the same pump that comes on the KINGSLINGER soft wash system.  I also explain the purpose of utilizing a dip tube when filling the tank.  This prevents bubbles and suds from forming in the bleach tank when soaps are also in the tank.


The point of BLEACH TANK VENTING is that there is never a need to open the lid.  And in this video I provide details on this as well as some of the history behind this idea.  It works very well.  Once I began venting my bleach tanks, I immediately could see my equipment deterioration was no longer the issue that it was.  I can’t recommend this approach strongly enough and hope it will save you time, effort and dollars as your business grows.

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Pressure Washing Business Standard Operating Procedures

Pressure Washing Business Standard Operating Procedures

As you build your business, Pressure Washing Business Standard Operating Procedures will be one of the early challenges you face.  There will be all kinds of forms and documents that you will need.  Many simply create the forms and documents as the need arises and as the business grows.  But a good friend of mine from Florida has put together a tremendous package of Pressure Washing Business Standard Operating Procedures.  Why spend time and energy on creating all these documents when they already exist?  In other words, why reinvent the wheel?


With the Pressure Washing Business Standard Operating Procedures bundle, the documents arrive through Drop Box. Some examples include ethics and conduct, workplace violence and harassment, and disciplinary action.  It also includes uniform guidelines, leave request forms, job descriptions and much, non compete agreements, and much, much more.  These forms are just a few that are available in the first section under “admin.”


The Pressure Washing Business Standard Operating Procedures package includes a total of seven sections.  They are admin, office, operations, safety, contracts, forms and templates.  In this video, I open each of these sections and some of the documents so that you can get a solid feel for the kinds of document and forms you will receive.  You will most likely not need every single document as you business grows, but you will appreciate having them all as needs arise with business development.


You are welcome to add your logo to any of these Pressure Washing Business Standard Operating Procedures documents and forms.  In the video at time stamp 7:30, there is a discount code that you will not want to miss!  Depending on availability, we can sometimes have these in your inbox within a few hours.  You will have the opportunity to choose between a deluxe or economy package.  The Pressure Washing Business Standard Operating Procedures are available through this link.  Don’t forget that I also have own and operate the Doug Rucker Store for all your pressure washing business equipment and supply needs.  One of the first major purchases for new pressure washing start ups is a SOFT WASH SYSTEM.  So we recommend THE KINGSLINGER and hope you’ll consider this option as you evaluate other system available on the market today.

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Do you know what pressure washing business equipment is needed to start a pressure washing business?  If you enjoy the outdoors and working with your hands, this is a great way to earn income.  It could be as a side hustle, but then could very well grow into your full time job.  In this video post, I provide five tools that would comprise the basic requirements for your pressure washing business equipment needs.  My passion is helping pressure washing startups and I’m excited to share this insight with you.


You will need some type of soft wash system.  We always recommend THE KINGSLINGER because we believe it is the best system available.  We have continually tested and improved the system over time, and allows you to get a higher mix ratio.  Bleach, water and surfactant easily combine or blend into one solution.  There is even a third option for another cleaning agent when necessary.  We know that the Kingslinger soft wash system is the top priority when considering pressure washing business equipment.  If your business is not ready for the cost of a soft wash system, a pump up sprayer will work until you can afford it.  If you expand services into roof cleaning, you will definitely need a soft wash system.


Next on the pressure washing business equipment list is the gun.  This pressure wash gun assembly comes with the gun, hose connector fitting, and a mosmatic swivel. Then there is the JRODNOZZLE KIT that is number three on the list.  Be sure and watch the full video for all the details and demonstrations of how this all works together so well, saving time and effort on the job.


This looks very similar to the gun we mention above.  But the modification allows you to connect a hose coming directly from the X-Jet or five gallon bucket.  The JROD nozzle kit can also connect to the modified X-Jet gun.  The final piece of pressure washing business equipment is a check valve for the downstream injector.  You might appreciate more information concerning a Downstream Injector Check Valve by checking out this post.




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This PRESSURE WASHER FITTINGS post with video will help anyone just getting started in the pressure washing industry.  A popular first unit to purchase is the 4 GPM portable pressure washer at 3500 PSI.  I do not recommend any machine under 4 GPM for any new pressure washing business.  It has a Honda GX 390 and I provide step by step instructions for getting set up.


The PRESSURE WASHER FITTINGS for this machine begins with what is coming off of the unloader.  Most manufacturers ship with the coupler in place there.  This is what I call the “LEAD FITTING.”  I provide specific details for hooking up the garden hose and the pressure hose.  The entire process can be inverted depending on your personal preference.


Another important element of PRESSURE WASHER FITTINGS to understand is the unloader.  The unloader is what regulates the water pressure that will arrive from the machine.  For the most part, the unloader is factory set and you never need to adjust it or even touch it.  Unless you have need to replace it.  You can lower the water pressure through the various nozzles that you will use.


It is important to “STAY ON THE GUN” to continually release pressure build up inside the pressure washer machine.  Otherwise, the machine heats up the water.  This can result in damage to the pump.  There is a way to bypass this risk which I cover in detail in the video.


The thermal relief valve is another critical component when learning about PRESSURE WASHER FITTINGS.    This piece can sometimes fail and need replacement without any warning.  This is why I recommend always have replacements with you so you’re work flow will not be hindered.  There are many, many more details I cover in this 45 minute video so be sure and take time to watch it in its entirety.  Also, if you’re looking for help with your website as you start your pressure washing business, click here.

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Portable Pressure Washer Setup

Portable Pressure Washer Setup

When starting a pressure washing business, many people chose to begin with a portable unit.  So in this portable pressure washer setup post, we offer a video and detailed, expert advice.  Many ask if a 2-3 Gallon Per Minute machine good enough to start with?  You can certainly start with any unit you choose, but our recommendation is always the Mad Max belt drive 4 Gallon Per Minute portable pressure washer.  So to help those of you just starting out, here’s what we can offer.  We walk through an unboxing and set up for this great starter machine.


This unit is a 3500 psi machine and is ideal for a limited budget.  So let this be the minimum machine you would start out with.  While you can get some cheaper machines at a home improvement store, this unit will last much longer.  Keep in mind that home improvement store options are not designed for everyday, commercial use.  They are designed to be used by one homeowner very rarely.  But the Mad Max is an industrial grade, professional model designed with those in this business in mind.


One great option that we recommend is to include the hose reel mount.  Because it has wheels, it easily rolls in and out of a truck or van and moves around easily on a job site.  I got my start on this exact type of machine 37 years ago that hauled and roll in and out of with a pick up truck.  As your business grows requiring upgrade to a second machine, this will still come in handy as a spare or as a second unit on the job on to do a second job at the same time.


This unit comes with great accessories such as a gun, a chrome plated wand, and connectors.  Of course, you also get the hose and tips.  We recommend using sealant and thread tape on all your connections, but this will be a separate purchase.  If you intend to downstream with this unit, you would want to purchase the JROD nozzle kit.  Don’t miss any part of the video because we provide detailed set up instructions too extensive to go into on this post.  If you are new to the pressure washing industry, you can learn a little bit more about who we are here.

portable pressure washer set up

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One thing that every job must have is some sort of water source.  Either it’s on the property, or you’re hauling the water.  Recently we overcame a few challenges getting water on large commercial property.  So this commercial pressure washing setup post and video will help other pressure washing professionals do the same.


First, what are your water source locations?  Second, how much water pressure flow volume are able to get from each location?  Third, what is the distance from the water sources to the cleaning areas?  The answers to these questions help determine how you set up for commercial jobs.  This will help determine the ideal setup location based on how many times will you need to move setup in order to keep cleaning.  As you examine water sources, check for leaks and let the owner know about those issues.

commercial pressure washing setup







One important tool to possess for commercial pressure washing setup is a water key.  A four way sillcock key is another term for this tool that opens enclosed water sources on many commercial properties.  But these are usually available at home improvement stores or hardware stores in plumbing.  You really need to watch the entire video to gain more practical information for commercial pressure washing setup.  The video provides an aerial schematic of the various water flow options along with back flow.  These can be difficult to locate on commercial properties.  If you are new to the pressure washing industry in need of a website, consider this!

For more tips and tricks on commercial pressure washing, check out this video.

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Pressure Washing Difference Maker School

Pressure Washing Difference Maker School

Invest 2 days at the next Pressure Washing DIFFERENCE MAKER SCHOOL with Doug Rucker, Ray Burke, and Pat Clark

Saturday, and Sunday February 20,21 – 2021-each day will start at 9:00am

You’ll gain practical, useful information and benefit from Doug, Ray, and Pat’s years of experience as exterior cleaning contractors. Total price for both days is $449.00 and you can register and reserve your spot below.  

We will meet at the Courtyard Marriott Kingwood, Kingwood Texas.  We have a special room rate of $79.00 per night.  Call (281) 973-1790 to reserve your room and tell them you are attending the Doug Rucker’s School Training Event


We want to share with you proven methods that will help be Difference Makers in your new businesses.  Please come prepared to learn about:

  • Residential Cleaning Sales, Processes, Cleaning Techniques
  • Commercial Cleaning Sales, Processes, Cleaning Techniques
  • Soft Washing VS Pressure Washing
  • Building A Team
  • Securing Government Contracts
  • Apartment and HOA Bidding
  • Implementing and Maintaining Business Systems 
  • High End Residential Sales
  • Perform an On Site Commercial Building Quote

Joining me will be Ray Burke from Spray Wash Academy And Pat Clark with Sales Boost/The Science of The Sale

pressure washing difference makers school

Register for The Pressure Washing Difference Maker School, being held February 20 and 21 2021 at the Courtyard Marriott Kingwood Tx.  Seating is very limited, due to Covid 19 protocols, so please make sure you register quickly, and make sure you can attend.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.  If you need to cancel or your plans change, you will be able to attend another Pressure Washing Difference Maker class at a future date. For questions please use our contact form.

You can also text me at  281-883-3630


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Tannin Stain Remover


There are many different trees that result in TANNIN STAINS on concrete driveways and walkways that pressure washing professionals encounter.  Oak trees are the most common example, but in the video example provided below, they are caused by a sugar gum tree.  These stains can be particularly difficult to remove.  In fact, tannin is the very ingredient in wines that result in heavy, dark stains.  The more porous the concrete, the stronger the tannin stain remover needs to be.

We pre-wet or pre-treat the surface with our house wash mix.  Depending on how heavy the tannin stains are might require allowing the mix to dwell, and perhaps a second application.  Upon rinse, there should be a noticeable reduction and visual change on the surface.  Here is another helpful post about the gun we use for soft washing.


Tannin Stain Remover

One of the questions I am most often asked, is, what’s in the Tannin Stain Remover.  That’s a question that really is pretty common knowledge, if you are in the exterior cleaning industry.  The chemical we use, is the same one we use for cleaning houses and roofs.  While I am willing to share the chemical with my students and customers, I am hesitant to publicly reveal what it is.  The reason is, I do not want anyone getting hurt using it.  The chemical is perfectly safe to use, and will not harm the environment.  But, like any chemical, if the user is not educated about proper use, then problems could arise,

Are you considering starting a pressure washing business? Be sure to check out or Online Pressure Washing School.  You’ll be able to drastically cut your learning curve, and, you gain a mentor in me for as long as you need me. I also have an Online Power Washing Store for all your equipment and supplies.  What ever you need, we are here to help you become successful.


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Downstream Injector Check Valve

Downstream Injector Check Valve

For about the last eight months to a year I have been using a Downstream Injector Check Valve for Soft Washing. These not only help the injectors last longer, since we are removing the ball and spring, but they also actually make the mix a little stronger. We have been able to clean some porous surfaces that have the black algae stains on them, a little faster than using the injectors how they come. They are available on my store HERE .

Very easy to install, you simply remove the hose barb from the Downstream Injector.  Then you remove the ball and spring, which will pop out anyway. Attache the check valve where the hose barb was, and you are ready to attach your hose and start downstreaming.


For the last few years there has has been a lot of mis-information about what soft washing is and isn’t.  As long as y9u are using low pressure to apply your chemical mix, and rinsing under low pressure, you are Soft Washing.  The use of a dedicated pump does not dictate that you are soft washing.   Downstreaming is the original soft wash method that I was taught to use way back in 1979.

While a dedicated pump will allow you to apply a stronger mix than downstreaming,  just like a pump up sprayer will.  In fact, thats all a dedicated pump is, a pump up sprayer on steroids.  If you want to clean buildings and houses faster, then using a downstream injector check valve is the way to go.  Your mix will be much stronger than a traditional injector.

I always encourage people starting a pressure washing business, to learn how to downstream first. This will help you learn to clean in a traditional way, and help prevent damage to landscape.

For more educational options, be sure to check out our online video school.  You can also check our class schedule page.


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Best Soft Wash Gun

Best Soft Wash Gun

There are a few different soft wash guns available on the market today.  A soft wash gun is a gun used for applying your house or roof wash mix through your dedicated pump. In the video below I discuss the various one’s available and what I consider the Best Soft Wash Gun that I use.  Be sure to subscribe to my You Tube Channel so you get notifications of new educational videos I post.

Choosing a Soft Wash Gun is more of a personal preference thing, than someone telling you this gun or that gun is the best out there.  I can only tell you what gun works best for me.  Most often times you have to try them all to figure out the Best Soft Wash Gun for you and your business.

I personally don’t like the type with the long sprinkler riser coming off the ball valve.  But many people do and that’s fine, because it works for them.   I do prefer using a ball valve type gun though, as it won’t cause restrictions, loss of distance and flow like trigger guns.  Trigger guns are much safer though, because if you drop one, they immediately stop spraying.  My favorite ball valve gun is the one HERE.  Remember this is the not the type of gun you can use on a pressure washer.  It’s only for use with a soft wash dedicated pump.


Be sure to check out our training opportunities if you are starting a pressure washing business.  I have multiple options available from hands on training to a couple different online video schools.  I am here to help you become successful, and any student that pays for my training is considered a student for life. If you have any questions about our training options, please feel free to email me at