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Pressure Wash Cleaning Solutions


With over twenty five years of experience in this industry, we have been able to perfect pressure washing cleaning solutions.  This is because we test and work closely with each solution for years on the job before releasing it for sale.  We do receive tons of questions basically asking what do we use to clean a specific surface.  So in response to many of those questions, we provide in depth explanations for all of the cleaning solutions we use.


There are a few specialty items we have with us for any job we have.  Of all these pressure wash cleaning solutions, the first one is diamond magic.  This is very effective for removing water spots on windows left behind from irrigation or rain.  Eliminator is another specialty product for homes with lakes and where spider webs are very prevalent.  It has a smell that repels spiders and will keep them at bay for a longer period of time.  We use high performance lubricants oil for all of our machines and vehicles.  While it is a little more costly, you have money over the long haul because the oil will need changing less frequently.  It also provides a longer life for the engine itself.


We have King’s Kling for roof and house cleaning that has a fresh fragrance.  The Dougie Fresh costs more because it is more concentrated and it is the best surfactant I have ever used.  It’s great on windows and leaves them spotless and streak free.  Doug Out is a great degreaser that removes oil and grease stains, rubber stains from curves and more.  All of these solutions have clear mixing and application instructions on the labels.

There is also a roof and wood cleaner that we use most often on wood decks and fences as well as cedar shake roofing.  I have also used this on mold and mildew stains where bleach could not be used for whatever reason.  My number one all time favorite all around all pressure wash cleaning solution is … RAP!  This solution is super concentrated and must be mixed with water.  It works great on oxidation, gutter brightening and very safe to use.  Be sure and watch the entire video for all the other great products we use!  We invite you to join us in Houston for one of our monthly events for hands on, on the job training.

pressure wash cleaning solutions

by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker



A repeat customer needs the front of her home cleaned before hanging Christmas decorations.  In this case, our COBWEB REMOVAL TIPS might come in handy for your pressure washing business.  The first tip is to clean any light fixtures.  This means removing the glass panels.  It’s important to clean these glass panels over the grass rather than over a concrete surface.  This reduces the chance of breaking the glass if one of them is accidently dropped.  This not a usual or normal part of the job, but our commitment and attention to detail sets us apart from the competition. We used a soft towel wiping down the inside of the fixture.  This type of superior customer service will help you retain customers and generate continuous repeat business.


One of the main tools we use is a cobweb duster.  You can purchase these at home improvement stores or DIY pest control stores.  This approach means we reduce the amount of water needed for cleaning the surface after removing the cobwebs.  You always want to use the least amount of water possible when cleaning the entry way to avoid water intrusion into the home.  By using a towel and hand detailing certain areas and spaces, the visual result will be much better.  And you reduce the risk of causing damage because you can’t always little cracks and cervices where water can penetrate and create havoc.


We use the SLING SHOT SHOOTER TIP from the Doug Rucker Store.  At $22, this newly custom manufactured tip for us comes in three gallon per minute options.  This is for down streaming with your pressure washer.  In the picture below, you can see how this tip reaches higher then the third floor dormer window.  I spent several years testing this tip and finally got it perfected after several modifications.  It has a hex end which tightens easily into a quarter inch coupler plus.  Another one of our COBWEB REMOVAL TIPS is using RAP, which is an all purpose cleaner and surfactant at a 24-1 mix ratio.  So no bleach was needed for this project.  Consider coming to Houston for one of my two day training events this year.  It’s a great opportunity for continuing education and meeting new friends in the business.


Cobeweb Removal Tips