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Do you own your own Pressure Wash Business?  This Pressure Wash Truck Video features a recent build for one of our students from Atlanta, Ga.  He attended our monthly school in January 2022, and now Carlos is getting a utility service body truck identical to my own setup.  Through my Doug Rucker Store, we provide truck, trailer and van set ups for pressure washing professionals.


In this video, we do a complete walk-a-around so that you can see all the equipment Carlos is getting.  His truck is a 2013 Ford F-150 double cab with long bed.  We removed the long bed and then put the utility body on in its place.  We then install Line-X to protect the surface for long term functionality.  Carlos was patient but found it was completely worth the wait to get the truck precisely as he wanted.  We hope this PRESSURE WASH TRUCK VIDEO helps you evaluate your own business rig.  Then, let us know if we can help take your equipment to the next level!


The video includes all the equipment in detail, but we start with the Kingslinger Soft Wash System.  Then there is an 8 Gallon Per Minute pressure washer, and a ladder rack.  Tanks, a surface cleaner, and cleaning supplies are part of this package as well.  He got three electric reels as well as the flow pro downstream remote system.  We demonstrate how fantastic this set up for storing back up tools, equipment and accessories. In addition to the equipment, we provide extensive training for how to operate and use the equipment effectively and efficiently.  My school also included lifetime mentoring and availability through Voxer to help with any challenges, questions, or issues that might arise on a job site.


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This WANDS FOR PRESSURE WASHING video post starts off with the PRESSURE WASH GUN ASSEMBLY from Doug Rucker Store.  This is a great gun for downstreaming, and it comes in different colors.  All three guns that we sell are essentially the same gun with very minor differences.  All three guns come with standard features including a nice and short star shaped grip, as well as the gun swivel.  This makes it very easy to use, and it typically arrives with a plug on the end.  Although, I use a coupler on my gun.  This is simply a matter of personal preference.  Your JRod nozzle fits very nicely and easily on the end.  When looking at WANDS FOR PRESSURE WASHING, this is a great option to consider.


Another example of WANDS FOR PRESSURE WASHING is our ALUMINUM PIPE WANDS.  While we do not use these often, we do keep a longer and a shorter aluminum pipe wand on our truck.  These aluminum pipe wands do require a small wand saver plug.  This plus is a little longer than most.  It is important to be careful when using these wands because they are made of light weight aluminum.  They can easily snap and bend when caught against a house or a fence post walking through a gate.  The other end would have a coupler for JRod nozzles.  When needing to reach something high, we would attach this to our gun assembly.


In order to save money when it comes to WANDS FOR PRESSURE WASHING, I show you this option as well at the 6:00 time stamp.  Not only does it save money, but it allows you to continually use one gun by changing wand connections.  There are several different setups that I walk you through in detail so be sure to watch the entire video.  I have another post about the ADJUSTABLE WAND ASSEMBLY you might find helpful as well!


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Pressure Cleaning QnA


Thank you for checking out this PRESSURE CLEANING QnA video post.  We receive many questions from various platforms and know that providing answers to these questions can be helpful to many others.  So the first question comes to us through our YouTube channel in the comments section.  Ron asks about a particular SH mix ratio for house washing while down streaming using a modified x jet.  He is using a 5 gallon per minute pressure washer.


While there are ways to calculate exact mix ratios and percentages, this is something that I have never done.  There really isn’t any reason for me to know the exact percentage.  Thus my main concern is this.  Is the mix I’m using strong enough to change the color of the organic stains on the surface that I am cleaning?  I cover various surfaces, various stains and the degree of staining and what color those stains are.  These are determining factors in determining whether the bleach mix ratio is strong enough.  In this Pressure Cleaning QnA, I also provide pictures that demonstrate what I’m speaking about. Experience does play a key role in helping to determine a general mix ratio of 30%, or 40% or 50% or stronger.  This is what we might call “the eye test.”  Here is the X Jet product I mention in the video on the Doug Rucker Store website.


The second question I address is from Jamie and is specifically about roof cleaning and house washing.  Will my mixture consist of solely bleach or would I be adding surfactant?  This is a great question!  One factor in answering this question relates to the grade and quality of the bleach you are using.  Testing and experience is crucial here as I explain at the 7:30 time stamp.  This Pressure Cleaning QnA video ends with one final question about surface cleaner maintenance.  If this information has been helpful for you in your pressure washing business, check out my online video school.



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This video post features the STEEL EAGLE SURFACE CLEANER.  I provide step by step assembly instructions in the new training center and build warehouse.  This particular model is a 24 inch deck with powder coated steel U handle for easy maneuvering.  We have been having trouble with supply lines on some of the other brand surface cleaners that we carry.  But the STEEL EAGLE SURFACE CLEANER is selling very well recently and I have actually switched to this unit myself.  In using it, I have found it to be one of the best units I have ever worked with.


This model arrives in a box and basically needs complete assembly.  While some of the other models we sell do come more partially assembled, the STEEL EAGLE SURFACE CLEANER does not.  I estimate the assembly time for this to be about 20 minutes.  Some of our customers have indicated that the instructions included are not real clear or concise, and this why I have put this video post together.  Attaching the handles to the deck is the very first step.  You will need a 7/16 and a 9/16 deep socket and wrench.  At time stamp 4:14 of the video, I provide a real important little tip you will not want to miss!  The next step is installing the swivel which requires the 9/16 socket and wrench.  Then, the spray bar is next. There is also an important nozzle tip I explain.


The final steps for assembling the STEEL EAGLE SURFACE CLEANER include hose and wheels installation.  At about 18:00 minutes, you don’t want to miss me whacking my thumb shortly after I warned viewers not to whack your thumb! 🙂  Plus, one final set completes assembly which is installing the castor wheel.  Take a look at my online pressure cleaning school if this video post has been helpful and you are new to this industry.



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The unique challenge for this COMMERCIAL POWER WASHING EQUIPMENT VIDEO is pine needles.  On this particular commercial building, there is a covered parking structure with pine trees overhead.  There was a large accumulation of pine needles both on top of the parking structure as well as three covered entry ways.  We were able to include the cost for removing and disposing these pine needles in the power washing proposal.  Normally, a landscaping or their lawn service would handle this.  However, some of these services are now also adding pressure washing to their service list.  So whenever possible, it’s best to provide the services they request so that you don’t lose the opportunity to another company.


The basic tools to use for this COMMERCIAL POWER WASHING EQUIPMENT video is a rake, a blower, and trash bags.  However, for the parking structure, a pool brush really can really save quite a bit of time.  Using a blower for this portion of the project would require more time and effort.  We were able to simply push all of the pine needles off of the parking structure to the ground below.  Then we went straight down line to rake and bag up all the pine needles by hand.  I was able to dispose of these pine needles at my house by burning them.  Be sure and watch the entire video for all the details!


Another important part of this COMMERCIAL POWER WASHING EQUIPMENT video is window cleaning.  Most commercial buildings have windows and they desire window cleaning service along with power washing.  On this job, we use the REACH IT waterfed pole cleaning system.  Many window cleaning service companies are expanding their services to include power washing.  This is because most commercial property owners and managers want to complete the entire project with one contractor rather than two.


One more important component of this COMMERCIAL POWER WASHING EQUIPMENT video post is our KINGSLINGER soft wash system.  We can easily clean up to three stories with this soft wash system.  There was a lot of green and black organic staining.  But the Kingslinger gives us the ability to deliver a much stronger mix.  At time stamp 7:50 in this video, I also explain the various nozzles we use.

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Pressure Washing Business Truck


I recently converted my PRESSURE WASHING BUSINESS TRUCK from a standard bed to a utility bed.  Even though the transition is not complete, I got the video together as soon as I could.  This is because there were so many requests from my YouTube channel community members to see it.  I greatly appreciate all the support my viewers have provided through the years with likes and shares as well as questions and comments.  The results are fantastic and I am so glad I made the invest of time and effort to this truck conversion project.


We begin highlighting the 10 GPM KINGSLINGER SOFT WASH SYSTEM with the GF valves.  I note in the video that I will add the drain kit to the compressor in coming days.  Then we have an 8 GPM cold water skid pressure washer with a Honda GX 690.  We use this machine for residential and light commercial projects.  On the previous truck set up we also had a 5 GPM machine which was never really used, so this machine was not included in the transition.  I like the result of more space with a cleaner look, as well as less weight.  In this PRESSURE WASHING BUSINESS TRUCK video, I show the old ski set up at the 4:30 time stamp.


I call the other side of this PRESSURE WASHING BUSINESS TRUCK the residential service side.  This side always faces the house so that all the hoses unwind in that direction.  In the cabinets on this side, I keep most of my tools.  Wrenches, plyers, water keys, fittings, downstream injectors and more are all organized for fast and easy access.  I also keep two pump up sprayers containing my RAP and Dougie Fresh cleaners.  Our Dougie Fresh is great for windows and other places around the property needing soap.  We use the RAP mainly for gutters as well as light grease and oil stains.  There is also a separate storage compartment for property protection items that help us detail certain areas such as entry ways, porches and the like.  Of course, rounding out the top of the residential service side is three hose reels.  We have a pressure hose, a garden hose, and a soft wash hose. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the YouTube comments section if you have any questions about this PRESSURE WASHING BUSINESS TRUCK bed conversion.


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This POWER WASHING VAN setup video features a new Dodge Ram ProMaster 3500.  The request from our customer was that we build this van precisely the way we would want it if the van was mine.  The Doug Rucker Store provides professional pressure washing businesses with van, truck or trailer builds in Houston, Texas.  Through our experience, we continually perfect important factors like maximizing space, plumbing, and venting.  Our approach ensures maximum productivity and longevity from the investment you make in the equipment you use.


This POWER WASHING VAN set up begins with an 8 GPM cold water pressure washer.  Next is the 24 inch little big guy surface cleaner securely in place with wheel chucks.  Then you will find the KINGSLINGER soft wash system with plumbing to both bleach and water tanks. All plumbing runs up through the ceiling so that floor space remains uncluttered and clean.  This provides both a fantastic visual appearance yet practical functionality for movement throughout the van at the same time!  There also a drain kit on the Kingslinger which makes maintenance for the compressor hassle free.  Additionally, a downstream remote box as well as a fill hose reduces effort and saves time.  This equipment is toward the back of the van.


In the front side of this POWER WASHING VAN are all the hoses and reels.  First, the Hannay Reel three stack unit are all electric and moveable on a rail track system with secure locking features.  The bottom reel holds the garden hose.  The middle reel has the pressure hose, and rounding out the top hose is the soft wash hose from Flexilla.  Like the plumbing, all of the electric wiring is nicely hidden inside the reel rack.  It looks clean, uncluttered, and protects the wire for maximum efficiency and longevity.  The complete electric system runs to and receives power from the pressure washer batter.  There are some other great features so be sure and watch the entire video for every detail.  Let us know if we can help with your next truck, trailer or van build.  You can contact us through the Doug Rucker Store website.



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May 2022 – Doug Rucker’s School

Start your pressure washing business strong and improve your chances of success! Invest 1-1/2 days at school with Doug Rucker. You’ll gain practical, hands-on and classroom training and benefit from Doug’s years of experience as a pressure washing contractor! You will significantly shorten your learning curve. Register for The Pressure Cleaning School, located in the Houston, Texas, area, and owned by Doug Rucker. Doug owns, a Kingwood, Texas-based Commercial Pressure Washing Company.

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March 2022 – Doug Rucker’s School

Start your pressure washing business strong and improve your chances of success! Invest 1-1/2 days at school with Doug Rucker. You’ll gain practical, hands-on and classroom training and benefit from Doug’s years of experience as a pressure washing contractor! You will significantly shorten your learning curve. Register for The Pressure Cleaning School, located in the Houston, Texas, area, and owned by Doug Rucker. Doug owns, a Kingwood, Texas-based Commercial Pressure Washing Company.

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Do you know what pressure washing business equipment is needed to start a pressure washing business?  If you enjoy the outdoors and working with your hands, this is a great way to earn income.  It could be as a side hustle, but then could very well grow into your full time job.  In this video post, I provide five tools that would comprise the basic requirements for your pressure washing business equipment needs.  My passion is helping pressure washing startups and I’m excited to share this insight with you.


You will need some type of soft wash system.  We always recommend THE KINGSLINGER because we believe it is the best system available.  We have continually tested and improved the system over time, and allows you to get a higher mix ratio.  Bleach, water and surfactant easily combine or blend into one solution.  There is even a third option for another cleaning agent when necessary.  We know that the Kingslinger soft wash system is the top priority when considering pressure washing business equipment.  If your business is not ready for the cost of a soft wash system, a pump up sprayer will work until you can afford it.  If you expand services into roof cleaning, you will definitely need a soft wash system.


Next on the pressure washing business equipment list is the gun.  This pressure wash gun assembly comes with the gun, hose connector fitting, and a mosmatic swivel. Then there is the JRODNOZZLE KIT that is number three on the list.  Be sure and watch the full video for all the details and demonstrations of how this all works together so well, saving time and effort on the job.


This looks very similar to the gun we mention above.  But the modification allows you to connect a hose coming directly from the X-Jet or five gallon bucket.  The JROD nozzle kit can also connect to the modified X-Jet gun.  The final piece of pressure washing business equipment is a check valve for the downstream injector.  You might appreciate more information concerning a Downstream Injector Check Valve by checking out this post.