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Have you ever had to fire a customer?  If you’re just starting out in the pressure washing business, FIRING CUSTOMERS might sound like bad advice at first.  It is somewhat of an oxymoron like jumbo shrimp, small crowd, walking dead or act naturally.  There is no doubt that most customers are good customers and a few are just average.  But there are those rare cases the best thing you can do to grow your business is “man up” and fire a customer!  So why fire a customer?  I’m glad you asked!  I’m going to give you six reasons for firing customers in the video and summarize three of them here.


Some customers simply expect too much.  They demand service before we’re able to get there because previous jobs are already on the schedule.  They may have unrealistic expectations about how clean you can get it.  Some customers want everything for nothing.  When a customer is overly emotional about pricing from the very start, it’s a good sign you’ll have more issues if you take on their business.


Some customers drag their feet when it comes time to pay.  This disruption in cash flow hurts your business.  In some cases, it’s intentional and they hope you’ll forget and leave them alone.  We do think it’s important for businesses to keep current with the latest payment method trends.

Firing Customers


Remember that you are the professional in the exterior cleaning industry.  It never ceases to amaze me when a customer wants to argue with their three hours worth of internet research against my 30 years of experience.  There will always be those customers who simply won’t listen to you.  They think they know better and try to give you and education in your field of expertise.  The worst part is when you did it the way requested, but you knew it would not work, and it didn’t!  In the book Lifestorming, they recommend firing the bottom 10-15% of your customer base every two years!  Consider the metaphor of pruning plants.  Sometimes the best thing you can do is clear out the dead wood to make room for more growth!

Enjoy this great brief article about firing customers!     Also, check out some our recent graduates from my online pressure cleaning school!


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Commercial Pressure Washing


There are several unique challenges that arise with COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING projects.  These challenges are generally set apart from an average residential home.  However, some of the challenges can be found on larger mansions and larger residential properties.  These COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING tips and tricks will help better prepare you for cleaning commercial properties.


Any time you clean close to grass, plants, or landscaping, it is very important to PRE WET the surface and the ground below.  So as you pre wet the surface with 100% water, you also pre wet the grass, plants and landscaping.  After pre wetting, you apply your cleaning solution, which is usually about a 40%-50% mix.  Do not flood coat with this solution, but rather provide a nice medium coat of mix.  When we rinse the building, that water will also help dilute the mix and protect the plants.  You will then spend even more time watering the grass to ensure that solution does not damage any plant life.  The area will most likely be pretty soggy when you walk across it.  Special attention should be paid to any shrubbery or trees that are close to the building.  Previous amounts of rain water will also affect the amount of water needed for pre wetting to prevent damage to plant life.  If sprinkler systems are present, this would also be an important factor for commercial pressure washingGet even more property protection tips here.


Are there any signs of previous exterior cleaning?  In this particular case, we notice the use of a wand.  While sections closer to the ground are clean, how high they were able to reach was limited.  It’s important to document this in the event that damage was caused previously that you are not responsible for.  Commercial Pressure Washing surface damage is fairly common so be on the look out for this.


Our cleaning starts with the KINGSLINGER soft wash system.  We apply a 50% mix after pre wetting in a cross way pattern.  It’s important to apply a nice even coat to avoid dry spots on the surface.  Depending on the severity of the stains, it may take two or three coats to reach maximum clean.  Using a soft wash strategy is the best approach for commercial pressure washing jobs.


When evaluating commercial pressure washing projects, consider whether the property has been well maintained.  If that is not the case, there may be damage to the surface which exists under some stains.  In fact, some organic and biological growth may have penetrated the paint, exposing the surface.  So it’s important to document and communicate this to the customer.  This way, you are not held responsible for preexisting damage which might show after cleaning.  Again, this is why the soft wash method is critical for cases like this.

Commercial Pressure Washing

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I enjoy college football! Every Saturday morning during the Fall season, I like to catch COLLEGE GAMEDAY with Kirk Herbstreit and the gang to see which city is hosting their show. The show always ends with Lee Corso’s headgear pick and that’s consistently intriguing. The College Game day opening song is very clever, as they sing “WE ARE COMING TO YOUR CITY!”  Then, it’s great to catch so many of the great college football traditions being played out all over the country all day long!


Well, like College Gameday, the pressure cleaning school can very easily come to your city! If you have maintenance staff that provides pressure washing for your facility, it’s much easier for us to bring the school to you than it is for you to bring your staff to Houston. We combine classroom instruction with on the job equipment demonstration to raise the skill and safety standards of your maintenance staff team. In addition, we train them on appropriate cleaning solutions and mixing ratios for specific stains found on your property. We make them aware of the newest equipment options along with parts and accessories that make their time on the job more productive and more efficient, conserving resources. In short, we train them to clean more property in much less time, which saves thousands of dollars over the long run.



Once your staff is part of the pressure cleaning school as one of my students, they remain part of my school for life! You can also purchase access to a library of helpful videos that is ever expanding, now with over 150 videos available. They have direct access to me personally, which allows me to answer any questions they have as issue’s arise on the job site. We also have an app available through Adroid and Ios which provides great networking opportunities, and the chance to share insights and learn from others also enrolled in my school located throughout the US. Many pressure washing techs have established lifelong friendships as they came to know one other through my school and learned they were located in the same area!


WE ARE COMING TO YOUR CITY! You don’t have to make signs and we’re not messing with headgear. But we will have a great time training cleaning technicians to raise their pressure washing game! For more information on how you can bring my pressure cleaning school to your city, call or text 281-883-3630.  Feel free to check out the real difference we have made for those who have enrolled by checking out these testimonial video reviews.

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Houston Training Event

On February 24th and 25th, 2015,  I will be hosting a Houston Training Event.  It is open to all  Pressure Washing, Soft Washing, Window Cleaners and other exterior cleaning contractors.  This will be a 2 day event that offers training and networking for those involved in the mobile cleaning industry.  This training event will host some of the most respected trainers in our field.  Seasoned veterans, as well as newcomers to the business will want to take advantage of this unique training event.

Paul Kassander from Powerwashstore , Russ Johnson from Southside Equipment, and Ron Musgraves, President of the UAMCC.  In addition, myself, Doug Rucker, owner of Doug Rucker’s School, and many others will be here teaching.

You will learn how to clean a wide variety of surfaces.  Also, what equipment to use.  In addition, writing professional proposals that close jobs will be covered.  We will also be teaching how to get on a vendors list, commercial sales training and much more.

For more information call or text me at 2818833630.