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One of my students joined me on a commercial cleaning job in Katy, Texas to learn and expand his skill set to grow his business.  He also spoke about his experience, giving this PRESSURE CLEANING SCHOOL REVIEW video.  This job was for St John XXIII College Preparatory High School with an extremely impressive campus.


He attended my monthly school in June 2021 and is actually from the Katy, Texas area.  Jacques Nash spoke openly about how “green” he was to our industry.  He said “It was very informative and I learned a lot from the hands on training.”  The first day of training is on a job site and gives the opportunity to use a wide range of equipment.  In addition, he was able to use our KINGSLINGER soft wash system.  He also makes it clear that one HUGE advantage is being able to ask questions and “pick my brain” in the moment on the job site.  Make sure you listen to his entire pressure cleaning school review video for all the details.


Once someone attends my school, I remain a lifelong mentor to help them succeed in the pressure washing business.  Any of my students are free to contact with me anytime with any questions or concerns that I might be able to help with.  We use an app called “VOXER” and it is a great way to keep in touch.  In addition, there are many great resources available to my students online through the forum and private access area.


Jacques was in my store purchasing supplies and simply asked what I had planned for the weekend.  That’s when he learned about the project I had planned for the school in the town where he lives, in Katy, Texas.  So Jacques joined me for this project and was able to get even more on the job hands on training at no extra cost.  He was able to use all the equipment on my commercial trailer rig.  He cleaned concrete, brick and stone surfaces on this large school campus.  For more information, please don’t hesitate to check out our FAQ page.

by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker



Do you know what pressure washing business equipment is needed to start a pressure washing business?  If you enjoy the outdoors and working with your hands, this is a great way to earn income.  It could be as a side hustle, but then could very well grow into your full time job.  In this video post, I provide five tools that would comprise the basic requirements for your pressure washing business equipment needs.  My passion is helping pressure washing startups and I’m excited to share this insight with you.


You will need some type of soft wash system.  We always recommend THE KINGSLINGER because we believe it is the best system available.  We have continually tested and improved the system over time, and allows you to get a higher mix ratio.  Bleach, water and surfactant easily combine or blend into one solution.  There is even a third option for another cleaning agent when necessary.  We know that the Kingslinger soft wash system is the top priority when considering pressure washing business equipment.  If your business is not ready for the cost of a soft wash system, a pump up sprayer will work until you can afford it.  If you expand services into roof cleaning, you will definitely need a soft wash system.


Next on the pressure washing business equipment list is the gun.  This pressure wash gun assembly comes with the gun, hose connector fitting, and a mosmatic swivel. Then there is the JRODNOZZLE KIT that is number three on the list.  Be sure and watch the full video for all the details and demonstrations of how this all works together so well, saving time and effort on the job.


This looks very similar to the gun we mention above.  But the modification allows you to connect a hose coming directly from the X-Jet or five gallon bucket.  The JROD nozzle kit can also connect to the modified X-Jet gun.  The final piece of pressure washing business equipment is a check valve for the downstream injector.  You might appreciate more information concerning a Downstream Injector Check Valve by checking out this post.




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The X-JET PRESSURE WASHER chemical injection nozzle comes in variety of options that you will need to choose from.  You will choose an orifice size which matches the gallon per minute machine you will use with it.  Complete product specifications can be found at the Doug Rucker Store website.  This video unboxing is the number 13 corresponding to a 4-4.5 gallon per minute machine.  The product includes a small bag with color proportioners and a 15 foot hose with screen filter.  The hose also has a two way shut off valve.  Of course, it also includes the X-JET PRESSURE WASHER nozzle.  The instruction guide has a large amount of very helpful information.


In this video, I also demonstrate using an X-JET five gallon bucket.  This bucket is a no spill container and is connected to the X-JET hose.  You’ll want to make sure you keep the bucket well ventilated with the vent hole on the side or back of the bucket.  DON’T LOSE THE VENT CAP!  Click here for more information on the X-JET bucket.  Another option is to make your own bucket, which I provide instructions for in this video as well.


You can also use the X-JET nozzle with a pressure washing gun by hooking it up at the end of the lance.  My recommendation is not to use the X-Jet for roof cleaning.  I have seen too much roof damage caused from higher pressure volumes X-Jetting with a gun.  They are great for house washing but not for roof cleaning.  This method of cleaning saves money on wear and tear because it reduces the amount of equipment the bleach touches.  In general though, I prefer downstreaming over X-Jetting.  But they are handy to have because they are more effective for some particular jobs.


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