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Pressure Wash Trailer Help


Recently, we had the opportunity to provide pressure wash trailer help to one of our loyal YouTube channel viewers.  Right here in Humble, Texas where I live, this enclosed trailer came to us for a few modifications and additional equipment.  It was already built out, and even had a very cool track system for the pressure washer to slide out.  But he wanted us t0 add the Kingslinger soft wash system, hose reels, the schertz box remote control for down streaming, and a bleach tank.


The Kingslinger soft wash system was added along with the drainage plumbing kit.  This kit allows moisture from the barrels to escape through the bottom of the trailer.  The 80 gallon vertical tank with bands  and plumbing is also a great addition to this enclosed trailer.  In addition, you will notice in the video we install three titan electric hose reels on slide tracks for easy access and maneuverability.  This idea comes from the owner of the trailer and is a great feature that we can now offer to all of our customers in the future.  It utilizes space efficiently and allows for greater organization of tools and accessories.  This pressure wash trailer help opportunity will greatly benefit others desiring the same features.


Prior to our pressure wash trailer help modifications, a winch controls the pressure washer movement in and out.  We can also build a winch for future installations on trucks and trailers.  Not only does this feature help on the job site, but it’s also very handy for performance maintenance on the machine.  Of course, you will want to watch the entire video to get the full effect.  However, the winch video demo is right at the 7:00 minute mark.  If you are interested, here is another trailer build video.

pressure wash trailer build

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Pressure Wash Cleaning Solutions


With over twenty five years of experience in this industry, we have been able to perfect pressure washing cleaning solutions.  This is because we test and work closely with each solution for years on the job before releasing it for sale.  We do receive tons of questions basically asking what do we use to clean a specific surface.  So in response to many of those questions, we provide in depth explanations for all of the cleaning solutions we use.


There are a few specialty items we have with us for any job we have.  Of all these pressure wash cleaning solutions, the first one is diamond magic.  This is very effective for removing water spots on windows left behind from irrigation or rain.  Eliminator is another specialty product for homes with lakes and where spider webs are very prevalent.  It has a smell that repels spiders and will keep them at bay for a longer period of time.  We use high performance lubricants oil for all of our machines and vehicles.  While it is a little more costly, you have money over the long haul because the oil will need changing less frequently.  It also provides a longer life for the engine itself.


We have King’s Kling for roof and house cleaning that has a fresh fragrance.  The Dougie Fresh costs more because it is more concentrated and it is the best surfactant I have ever used.  It’s great on windows and leaves them spotless and streak free.  Doug Out is a great degreaser that removes oil and grease stains, rubber stains from curves and more.  All of these solutions have clear mixing and application instructions on the labels.

There is also a roof and wood cleaner that we use most often on wood decks and fences as well as cedar shake roofing.  I have also used this on mold and mildew stains where bleach could not be used for whatever reason.  My number one all time favorite all around all pressure wash cleaning solution is … RAP!  This solution is super concentrated and must be mixed with water.  It works great on oxidation, gutter brightening and very safe to use.  Be sure and watch the entire video for all the other great products we use!  We invite you to join us in Houston for one of our monthly events for hands on, on the job training.

pressure wash cleaning solutions

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If you are new to the pressure washing business, you will need to decide how to set up your equipment.  There are either open or enclosed trucks, trailers, and vans.  I have a 2013 Ford F150 long bed, which is an 8 foot bed.  My pressure washing truck set up is a skid system.  Obviously, the larger the truck, the more room you will have to store and haul equipment.


First, we have the 10 GPM KINGSLINGER soft wash system.  Next, there is a 5 GPM 3500 PSI pressure washer as well as an 8 GPM 3500 PSI pressure washer.  It’s very helpful to have both systems in the event that one of them fails for some reason and you are unable to complete the work.  However, over the years, I found this to rarely ever be the case.  If I had it to do over again, I would most likely eliminate the 5 GPM pressure washer.  This would provide more usable space on the shelves which provide extremely easy access.


Check out the video for all the pressure washing truck setup details.  But  you’ll notice a 50 foot hose that provides air to the Kingslinger.  This is also very helpful for other uses such as inflating automobile tires.  You will notice 4 electric titan hose reels.  I cover each hose specification and how they are connected in the video at about 5:30.  On the back of the truck is our ladder rack.  In some cases, I have notice that you need a step ladder to get to the ladder.  These racks are easy to reach and we have both a 16 foot and a 24 foot ladder.  There are three 80 gallon tanks which are vented, plumbed and connected as explained in the video.  Venting is very important when it comes to protecting the investment you have in equipment.  If you are new to the industry and considering my online video school, check out these reviews.

Pressure Washing Truck Pressure Cleaning Truck



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One of the newer products we now offer at Doug Rucker store are pressure washing shooter tips.  The sling shot shooter tip is designed to help you reach heights of 30-40 feet without the use of a ladder.  The purpose of these are for soft washing using either downstream via a pressure washer or a dedicated pump like the Kingslinger.  So for pressure washers we have them in 2-3GPM, 4-7GPM or 8-10GPM.


In the video below, we provide both pictures and video footage of the shooter tips in action.  The 8-10GPM pressure washer tip provides spray up to at least four stories with no wind present.  This is ideal for cleaning larger homes, hotels, apartment complexes, commercial buildings and so forth.


The Kingslinger Soft Wash System is what we use frequently with an 0020 nozzle.  But we also provide video using the sling shot 2-3 GPM.  However, we prefer the 0020 nozzle over the sling shot for the air diaphragm pump.  There is very little difference, although I can sense a slight better distance from the 0020 nozzle.  The sling shot shooter tip does not come with the quarter inch.  You will need to order this separately if needed.  These awesome nozzles are priced just right!

Shooter Tip





If you are new to the pressure washing industry, one of the first things you will need is a website.  Consider the website service we provide only for the pressure washing service industry.  And here’s some GREAT DEALS too!

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One of the great products we sell at Doug Rucker Store is the pressure washing gun as well as an adjustable wand.  In order to help our customers, we provide a step by step video to assist with putting it all together.  The pressure washing gun comes complete with the Suttner ST-2305 Safety Orange Easy-Pull Trigger Gun, a 1/4-inch Mosmatic Gun Swivel, a 12-inch Suttner Star-Shaped Grip Wand, a 1/4-inch FPT quick coupler, and a 3/8-inch MPT quick coupler.  This is the gun set up I use for soft washing via down streaming for house and building washing. The gun is very easy to use and the trigger is very easy to hold open.  The adjustable wand is a straight lance with better seals that last longer than other models.  This ADJUSTABLE WAND ASSEMBLY video provides detailed instructions including connectors, tools and other details.


Open ended wrenches are my preferred tool in this case.  However, an adjustable wrench will also work if that is your preference.  You will also need teflon tape, thread sealant and a screwdriver.  In the video, I cover exactly which tools are needed for which parts.


One of the first decisions for the adjustable wand assembly is whether to use the mosmatic swivel.  This allows you to rotate or twist the wand without having to bend the hose.  Thus, the advantage is being able to change the angle of the pattern on the end of the nozzle.  In some cases you need a horizonal spray, and in other cases you need vertical spray.  The mosmatic swivel makes this process much easier without having to stop, reach out, and turn the nozzle to the desired angle.  This saves time on the job and makes the entire cleaning process much easier and less exertion on your body. If you are looking for a soft wash gun, check out this post.  Best Soft Wash Gun – Doug Rucker’s Pressure Cleaning School


Adjustable Wand



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At Doug Rucker Store, we provide PRESSURE WASH TRUCK and trailer build service.  This is especially helpful for those just starting out in the pressure washing business.  We recently had an opportunity to provide this service for a  pressure washing pro from Austin, Texas.  They purchased a previously city owned vehicle and brought it to us for the build out.  We did make some minor repairs and improvements to the enclosed portion of the truck before installing equipment. This included things like patching holes, installing new aluminum flooring, and sealing all surfaces. This phase is important to ensure maximum protection of new equipment.




First, the KINGSLINGER SOFT WASH SYSTEM goes in with plumbing through the floor.  This is because the unit needs to be drained to keep moisture from building up and adversely affecting the system.  When considering a pressure wash truck or trailer build, this is a great way to provide soft wash service.  Soft washing is critical to protect a variety of surfaces from damage resulting from large volume of high pressure water blasting.  It has three different valves to meter mix ratios, usually water, bleach and another detergent.



This particular project was for an existing car detail business that was expanding their service into the pressure washing sector.  So for this pressure wash truck build, we provide him with a new pressure washer also plumbed to an 85 gallon space saving tank.  In fact, two new tanks enable him to store water and bleach.  They are bolted down and firmly secure.  The schertz box remote control for down streaming and a new surface cleaner is also part of this package.  In addition, hoses and hose reels are a great addition to this pressure wash truck build.  It’s important to have pressure hose, soft wash hose, and a garden hose.  For larger projects, you would also want to consider spare hose in order to effectively clean without having to relocate equipment.  If it interests you, check out another post.  The sled is what makes this one really special!

pressure wash truck