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Pressure Washing Strainers

Pressure Washing Strainers

Hey, everybody! Real quick. I’ve see some post with people having problems
with their bleach tank getting degraded for various reasons.  Pressure Washing Strainers degrading bleach can be the biggest cause for this.

A lot of the time it’s caused by these metal strainers. Your bleach will degrade these pretty quickly.
It can cause your bleach mix to turn orange or black. All these metal shavings will get left down
at the bottom of the tank. Every time you put bleach in it, it’s going to continue to degrade it. We
use our bleach fast enough that it doesn’t have time to degrade.

Get rid of these! Don’t use them on anything that’s going to come in connect with bleach. We
don’t even use them with water. They come with the X-jet. Use the pail system on the X-jet and
get rid of this. You won’t have that problem.

PVC Pipes are great Strainers

If you’re downstreaming or using a dedicated pump, there are a couple of different ways you
can do it. These are two different types of PVC pipe. You have the female threads on the inside.
You can screw you pipe onto those. These are plastic, it won’t degrade it. I don’t like these
because I feel like these can starve your pump. I don’t think you get the flow you should. People
disagree with that and that’s ok. It’s what I feel so I don’t use these. I’ve had these sitting around
for years. If I ever did use them, I’d cut them off here.

Mainly, what we use, depending on if it’s a dedicated pump or if it’s downstreaming, we’ll use
something like this. It’s cut of and angled. We’ll actually run our dip hose or our braided hose
down through there. We’ll fasten these black strainers on if we’re downstreaming. That’s what
we use. There is a little weight in there.

I’ve never had a problem with these degrading our mix or the black causing it to turn a color.
They’re pretty safe. What you will have is the bleach will eat this cap our. The weight or
magnet will fall out. That’s why we have the pipe on there to keep it weighted down in the
bucket or the tank. We use those.

On our dedicated pumps, we don’t use a strainer. We actually use a PVC pipe and a 90. That
way we’re getting full flow.

Keep Your Pressure Washing Tanks Clean

One of the things we do is we keep our tanks clean. We have a bulk head that runs at the
bottom of the tank. We’ve been doing this for three or four years. It doesn’t hurt anything. The
bleach doesn’t hurt the bulk head fitting. At least, we’ve never had that problem. We run a hose
off of that bulk head fitting.

We use that for filling up X-jet buckets if we ever need to use and X-jet. Mainly we use it for
filling up pump up sprayers when we need to use pump up sprayers. We also use it to keep the
tank flushed out. It’ll get empty and about every 2 weeks we’ll take a water hose in there. We
don’t get a lot of grit in there. We keep it clean.

The other thing that could cause your problem is the type of soap you’re using. Sometimes
different types of soap can cause your bleach to degrade. It can cause it to turn colors. You
might switch your soap and see if that’s the issue.

Metal Causes Rust Issues

When you got a tank and bleach that’s degrading/changing colors, you’ve got to find out what is
different in that tank. What’s in my water tank(if your water tank is not doing it). Bleach will
attack anything.

I hope that helps you guys. That’s various different ways to get rid of these. You can use these if
you feel safe. We don’t sell them. I don’t recommend them. You can get them at many of the
other vendors around that sell those. This is what we use for downstreaming. Then just regular
PVC, we cut and angle or we put a 90 on it. We get our full flow. The key is keeping your tanks
clean for whenever you have a problem, isolating and figuring out what’s caused it. Using the correct Pressure Washing Strainers will help to solve this.

I hope that helps you guys!

If your just starting out in the pressure washing and roof cleaning business be sure to check out our online video school.

Also be sure to join and subscribe to my You Tube channel for more Pressure Washing Education.

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Pressure Washing SOP

Pressure Washing SOPs

Starting a Pressure Washing Business can be an extremely daunting
task.  To begin with, you have to address so many details before you even start
cleaning. First you have to navigate legal matters and accounting, and then you
need to determine internal policies and procedures. And that is a challenge!
I must admit, establishing a set of  Pressure Washing SOPs takes time and
effort and demands knowledge and consideration of a wide variety of topics.

But fortunately, I have found an incredible resource that can help save you
time and money. Pressure Washing SOP’s out of Florida is making a
ready-to-use Pressure Washing Standard Operating Procedures
available to our students and anyone else who is starting an exterior
cleaning business or already owns one. In order to simplify the process, I
have them available to purchase right here through our web site.

So what do you get? In short, you get an all-inclusive set of policies and
procedures for your business. Check out the attachments of screenshots
below for the complete list of policies separated by category. Certainly,
these will get you squared away with almost everything you will need to
implement a set of SOPs in your business. And this can be customized
with your logo, company name, and watermarked image. What’s more,
you can edit any of these files as you see fit, as your company grows, or
you can create your own policies using the templates.

Save Time and Money with Pressure Washing SOP’s

So why do you need these documents with policies and procedures
in place?

1)  To begin with, it gives your employees clear expectations. If you don’t
give clear-cut and precisely defined expectations, you have nothing
to which you can hold them accountable.
2) Also, it provides for disciplinary action and related documentation.
You will have clearly defined stages with explanations and forms for
documentation promoting performance improvement. In addition, it
will also help protect you from paying unemployment or being stuck
with a problem employee.
3) Additionally, it includes protective policies for issues such as sexual
harassment, equal opportunity, and workplace violence.
4) Plus, you get forms such as applications for employment, interview,
damage to property, lost or damaged equipment, incident reporting, and
much more….The list goes on and on…

Order NOW and Save Money

Placing an order is pretty simple:
1) First of all, click the link below to order your own set of Pressure Washing
Operating Procedures.
2) Then, Pressure Washing SOP’s will send you a Non-Disclosure
Agreement. You will need to review this, sign it, and send it back.
3) Once you have done that, you will need to send a high quality
version of your logo (Vector format often works best, or PDF, or PNG).




If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us by using
the contact form on our site located at the bottom of our home page.

Once we have everything from you, it will only take about 7-10 days for
turnaround. The completed package will be sent via shared drop box file,
as well as a thumb drive sent in the mail.

Power Wash Standard Operating ProceduresPressure Wash Standard Operating Procedures

Pressure Wash Standard Operating Procedures

Pressure Washing Standard Operating Procedures Pressure Washing Standard Operating Procedure






BE sure to check out our You Tube Channel at by clicking HERE

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Pressure Cleaning School Schedule 2019

Pressure Cleaning School Schedule 2019

The Doug Rucker School is pleased to announce that our 2019 schedule is available.  This schedule is for those interested in attending Hands On and Class Room Training.  It is held here in Houston TX, as we enter our 9th year!When you attend this school, you will be able to see and use the equipment that we use daily for our Houston Pressure Washing Business. We also have class room teaching that covers a wide variety of subjects such as, Roof Cleaning, and House Washing.  We also teach Concrete Cleaning, Plant and Property Protection, How to Bid Jobs, Customer Care, Chemical Ratios and Mixes.  Identifying Surfaces, Proper Application Methods and much more will be addressed.  Listed below is the Pressure Washing School Schedule 2019 dates.

January 14,15, February 11,12, March 11,12, April 8,9, May 6,7, June 10,11, July 8,9, August 12,13,

September 9,10, October 14,15, November 11,12, December 9,10


 Pressure Cleaning School Schedule 2019When attending the school here in Houston, I recommend you fly in to the George Bush Intercontinental Airport.  It is best to arrive on Sunday afternoon or early evening. This airport is the closest to our training facility.  The hotel I recommend you staying at is the Courtyard Marriott Kingwood, located at 130 Northpark Plaza Dr Kingwood, Tx 77339, 2819731790.  When making your reservations, be sure to let them know you are attending the Doug Rucker School so you get the School Discount on your room.

The hands on training portion is usually held on the first day, Monday, and starts at 9:00am. The classroom portion is on Tuesday.  We are usually finished each day by 1pm or so.  This allows you time to visit the Houston area and any of our many attractions.  Once you have registered and paid, we will contact you with the location of the training or arrange for pick up at the Courtyard Marriott.  Registration for any of our training classes can be made by clicking HERE.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to call or text me at 281-883-3630 or by email at  Look forward to seeing you in Houston and helping you start and build your business. Also stop by our you tube channel HERE for some helpful hints and tips.

Once you have attended my school here in Houston, you will always have access to me via Phone Call, Text Message, or Email at no additional charge.  I am here to help you become successful, long after the school ends,  and just because the School ends does not mean the education does.


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Stucco Cleaning Houston

Cleaning Stucco Houston

Our crews are often out Cleaning Stucco Houston style using our low pressure soft washing method.  This method is something we spend a lot of time on here at the school when you attend.  When starting a pressure washing business, it is important that you learn how to clean stucco correctly so that you do not damage the surface. Stucco comes in a wide variety of types. EIFS and Dryvit are two of the most commonly known types.  When cleaning stucco it’s important to know the differences and whats required in cleaning them.

Traditional stucco is a basically a concrete block wall with stucco concrete mix troweled on, often times in different and elaborate designs.  Traditional stucco is also known as a hard coat stucco and dryvit is known as soft coat.  You can tell the difference by knocking on them as you would someones door.  Hard Coat Stucco will be solid and have a thud or hard sound to it. EIFS, or Dryvit, will sound hollow.  This is because behind the stucco finish in EIFS is a styrofoam sheet for insulation.  EIFS stand for exterior insulating finish system.

Pressure Washing School Houston Texas

Always treat EIFS and Dryvit very delicately and do not use high pressure on it.  I always suggest soft washing it either using a dedicated pump or by down streaming using your pressure washer.  Follow that up with a nice cold water rinse.

Cleaning Stucco Houston

The picture in this article is from a recent Cleaning Stucco Houston that our Houston Pressure Washing Company, Clean and Green Solutions, did for a customer.  The customer had actually thought he may have to replace the stucco, but was so delighted that our cleaning proved he did not need too.

If you are looking to start a pressure washing and or roof cleaning company, please consider attending one of our Pressure Washing Schools here in Houston Tx or we also have an Online Pressure Washing School you can attend, complete with test’s after each section.

You can also check out our Pressure Washing School You Tube page.


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Houston Pressure Washing Classes

Houston Pressure Washing Classes

Just prior to the October 2018 National Convention in Houston Texas, I will be hosting 2 training events.  On October 20th starting at 2:00 pm, I will be conducting a hands on training class.  This will be the first part of a two session class that will focus on teaching you how to clean a roof, house, and driveway.  This will be actual hands on training at a home near the convention site.  In the Houston Pressure Washing Classes, I will be teaching how to asses a residential property for safely cleaning and pricing it.  I will also teach on identifying surfaces, stains, and the different application methods and equipment used.  Spraying Techniques, dilution ratios, property protection, and driveway and pool deck cleaning will also be addressed.  Besides that, we will cover accessing a property, how to set up for maximum efficiency, and much more.

Second Session

Houston Pressure Washing Classes

Houston Pressure Washing Classes

The second session will be held on the morning of October 21st at the Convention Hotel, South Shore harbor Resort in League City Tx. This session will start promptly at 8:00 am and will involve class room instruction.  I have several power point presentations I will go through on House Washing, Roof Cleaning, Concrete Cleaning, Property Protection, and more.  In addition, I will discuss different surfaces, like Stucco, EIFS, Hardie Plank, Vinyl Siding, Wood surfaces, and more.  In more detail, we will discuss dilution ratios, applying mixes, identifying stains, and add on services to help you grow you business.

Most importantly, this training is the same training that I host once a month here in Houston that normally costs $750.00 for out of town contractors.  Likewise, the cost is $1500.00 for local Houston Contractors.  This is a one time UAMCC Convention special and anyone can attend for $550.00 per person.  For registration please go to our Pressure Washing Training Events Page.

Pressure Washing Sales Training

On October 21st at 1:00pm I will be hosting a Pressure Washing Sales Training Class along with Ron Musgraves.  Learn practical and helpful sales techniques for both residential and commercial cleaning. In this class we will be teach Marketing, Measuring, Bidding, and Selling.  Plus we will cover Relationship Building, Techniques to Speed up the Buying Process, and much more.  We will also have a question and answer segment, along with opportunities to register in our private sales membership groups.  Price for this session is $129.00 and you can register by visiting the Pressure Washing Sales Event.

Address for the hotel is South Shore Harbour Resort, 2500 S. Shore Blvd. League City, TX 77573





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Pressure Washing Sales School

Pressure Washing Sales School

Doug Rucker’s School will be hosting a Pressure Washing Sales School in May in Houston and Dallas Texas.  We will also be holding other Sales Schools in the near future in other areas of the U.S.

These Sales schools will cover training for both commercial and residential sales.  The teachers for the Pressure Washing Sales School will be Doug Rucker and Ron Musgraves.  Ron will be teaching commercial sales and Doug will be teaching residential sales.

Our next school will be held May 10 and 11 in the Houston Texas area.  The following week on May 15 and 16 in Dallas we will be hosting another Pressure Washing Sales School.

Pressure Washing Sales School

Pressure Washing Sales School

Come learn to sell both commercial and residential exterior cleaning in a jam-packed 2 day event with Doug Rucker and Ron Musgraves!
Learn Marketing, Measuring, Bidding, Selling and more

Save $130.00 by Pre Registering Today for your Location

Early Pre Registration price for this two day training is $599.00, but you must sign up quickly before the price goes up to $729.00.  You can pre register now and reserve your spot, AND save $130.00. REGISTER HERE NOW!!!!! If you have any questions please call or text me at 2818833630.

Two Sessions covering both Residential and Commercial Pressure Washing Sales taught by Doug Rucker and Ron Musgraves.  Learn Marketing, Measuring, Bidding, Selling,  Relationship Building, Techniques to Speed up the Buying Process, and much more.


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California Pressure Washing School

California Pressure Washing School

The beautiful city of Santa Ana California will be home to our California Pressure Washing School on January 25 and 26 2017.  Jracenstein along with Doug Rucker’s School  will be hosting this school that will cover pressure washing, soft washing, roof cleaning, and many other facet’s of the exterior cleaning. So the cost for this two day training event is $250.00.  Registration can be made by going HERE and paying for your spot(s) to assure your reservation.  Register soon because there is a limit to seating.  Look for the California Pressure Washing School event and pre register/pay there. Likewise, the classes are held at the Marriott 3002 South Harbor Blvd Santa Ana California, 92704.  They start at 8:00am each day.

California Pressure Washing School

California Pressure Washing School

The classes will cover theses topics and more:

Starting or Adding Exterior Cleaning to Your Business

Bidding/Estimates Residential Jobs/Customer Service Skills

Concrete, Pool Deck,  and Driveway Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

House Washing

Different Methods and Applications for Soft Washing and Pressure Washing– When,Why and How to use the proper pressure for the surface area you are cleaning.

Cleaning techniques/tools that save you time and money

What mix ratio’s to use for roof cleaning and pressure washing

Cleaning products I use for specialty stain removal

Marketing and Sales

Identifying the Surface, stain, and proper application methods.

We will also have, weather permitting, the opportunity for demonstrations using equipment available to us from JRacenstein.

Therefore, if you have any questions about the classes or need more information, please call or text me at 2818833630.




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South Carolina Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning School

South Carolina Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning School

Pat Clark of Precision Pro Wash of Duncan, South Carolina has joined the Doug Rucker School.  He is as an authorized trainer.  So Pat will be hosting Pressure Washing and Soft Washing schools throughout the year.  Therefore, he is teaching the same hands on training and class room courses that I teach here in Houston. I am hope this will help to open up opportunities for those trying to get into the Exterior Cleaning business.  For those that reside in or near the Duncan, South Carolina area and are unable to travel to Houston due to time constraints, can now receive the training a little closer to home.  This South Carolina Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning school will drastically help you cut the learning curve as you start your new business.

Exciting Dates

On February 24th and 25th, 2017, Pat will be hosting a 2 day school featuring on the job and classroom training.  Attendees will travel with Pat and his crews, starting at 8:00am, for on the job training on Friday morning.  Class room training  will take place on Saturday morning at 8:00am,  at Pats Office at 111 High Street Duncan SC, 29334.

South Carolina Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning School

South Carolina Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning School

The class room training will consist of: House Washing, Roof Cleaning, Property Protection, Concrete Cleaning, House and Roof Wash Mix ratio’s, Soft Washing and Pressure Washing, Estimating jobs, and much more. Plus all your questions answered by Pat.

Cost for the two day school is $750.00 per person. We are only accepting the first 12 participants and you must register and pre-pay in order to reserve your spot.


For registration and payment please email me at and I will send you the registration link.

If you need more information, please call or text me at 2818833630 or email at




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Pressure Washing School Schedule 2016

Pressure Washing School Schedule 2016

Well it’s hard to believe but we are announcing our Pressure Cleaning and Roof Cleaning School schedule for the 5th year now.  That’s right, this Pressure Washing School Schedule 2016, marks the 5 year anniversary of our school, and we are so thankful for everyone’s support.  So a very special thank you to everyone that has attended our school.  In the 5 short years we have been hosting the school, we have had over 100 students attend our once a month schools located here in Houston.

Therefore, if you are planning to attend one of this years schools, here are the dates and other information that will be helpful as you make your decision.

The dates are:  January 11,12  February 8,9  March 7,8  April 11,12  May 9,10  June 6,7  July 11,12 August 8,9   September 12,13  October 10,11  November 7,8 and December 5,6

School Focus

Pressure Washing School

Pressure Washing School

My school focuses on Residential Pressure Washing, Soft Washing and Roof Cleaning.

The first day of the pressure washing school, starts at 9:00am and is hands on training at my house.  You will be trained, in everything from how to set up on a  job site, protecting the plants and property, cleaning techniques, Soft Washing via down streaming and dedicated pump, Roof Cleaning, and much more.  We will also go over the equipment we use to accomplish the different tasks needed at a residential home.   You will be free to ask as many questions as you like and learn at the pace you require.   We concentrate on teaching the proper aspects of cleaning that will enable you to start and operate your business in a professional manner.

The second day of our power washing school starts at 9:00am and is classroom time.  During this time I have a few Power Point presentations that we go over that cover everything from Equipment Set up, How to Bid Jobs, Chemical Mixes and Ratio’s, Application methods of cleaning mixes, Property Protection, Sales Techniques, Concrete CleaningRoof Cleaning, House Washing and much more.

School Logistics

Cost of our Roof Cleaning and Pressure Cleaning School:

All travel expenses are responsibility of the attendee.

$750.00 non Houston Area Contractors.  Each additional attendee is $375.00.  Spouses attend FREE.

$1500.00 Houston Area Contractors.  Each additional Attendee is $750.00. Spouses attend FREE.

Traveling Directions

If you are traveling to the Houston Area, I recommend you fly into the Houston Intercontinental George Bush Airport. (IAH), on the Sunday Afternoon the day before the date you are attending.  The hotel I recommend is the Courtyard Marriott Kingwood located at 130 Northpark Plaza Dr Kingwood, Tx 77339. They have special room rates for the school at $129.00 a night.  To get the special room reservation price, call and ask for Tara at 2819731790 or email her at .  This is a very nice hotel with room rates normally around $189.00 a night.

There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance and they also have a great one right inside the Hotel.  They will also shuttle to and from locations with a 5 mile radius of the hotel. There rooms are VERY comfortable and their customer service is excellent and always friendly and will do whatever it takes to make your stay comfortable.  I can’t recommend this Hotel high enough.

Additional Lodging

Also, Country Inn and Suites located at 20611 Hwy 59 N Humble, Tx.  They can be reached at 2814464977.  Use discount code T-138146 and receive a room rate of $89.00 per night. Ask for Darcy Robinson if you have a problem getting the room rate.   They have a shuttle that will pick you up at the airport as well as transport you around the areas for meals, entertainment etc during non school hours. They also have a delicious free breakfast.  I have stayed at this hotel and is one of nicest hotels I have stayed at.  Very Comfortable beds and their customer service is excellent. Very friendly staff.

Once you decide you would like to attend the school, you will need to click Pressure Cleaning School Event Sign Up to register, pay and reserve your spot.  Please make sure your travel arrangements are made first and that you are sure you are coming.  ONCE PAID WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS, but we will reschedule for you at future date.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or text me at 2818833630.

Feel free to visit our Houston Texas Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning business site.

Also don’t forget we also have an online school with over 100 videos that comprise the class room time you would get while here, plus many live action videos of on site training.



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There is so much to think about when starting up a new pressure washing business.  Thus, it can all get very messy in your mind. Perhaps you have wondered what to call your new business. Maybe you have wondered precisely what services you should offer that are most needed in your area. So where will you get your equipment? Will you work alone or hire others? Maybe you have asked yourself how you would advertise?  And most importantly, how are you going to afford to do any of this? It sounds like you may need a little help in How to Clean Up Your Start Up first.

Website Launch

At Doug Rucker’s Pressure Cleaning School, we are committed to helping you with right from the very beginning. This is why we help pressure cleaning and soft wash companies launch their website with minimal effort and cost. Our staff of professionals can assist you in virtually every area of website development. We connect you with professional website builders, content writers, and provide high quality photos. Our graphic design team can assist with logo development and we even have a business consultant that can help you create the vision, mission, and values of your new company in written form. This will distinguish you from many of your competitors as you reveal to customers from the start precisely what is important to you, what you stand for, and values you believe are most important.

From start to finish, you could have a website up and running in a matter of days. This is a tremendous help to attracting and gaining new customers in your area and is a fantastic marketing tool that you can leverage through email, social media, and any other advertising strategies you take. With over twenty five years in this industry, including five years of training others in cleaning techniques all over the country, we can share great insights into how to get your business started up, running smoothly, and becoming profitable very quickly.

How to Clean Up Your Start Up

How to Clean Up Your Start Up

Starting a business in any industry is not easy and will require focused determination, unyielding commitment, and a work ethic far beyond average.  But with Doug Rucker’s Pressure Cleaning School providing guidance and direction as you take each step moving forward, you’re only regret could be not getting into this business sooner than you did!

Take a look at one of our web sites by clicking Clean and Green Solutions.