Pressure Washing Standard Operating Procedures

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Pressure Washing Standard Operating Procedures

Pressure Wash SOP


Pressure Washing Standard Operating Procedures

Starting a Pressure Washing Business can be a very daunting task.  There are many items that must be taken care of, both from a legal and accounting stand point, as well as from and in house procedural view point.  Establishing a set of Pressure Washing Standard Operating Procedures takes a lot of time and effort to cover the wide variety of topics that are needed.

I have found a great resource that can help save you time and money.  Pressure Washing SOPs out of Florida is making available to our students, and anyone else that is starting an exterior cleaning business,  a pre-made ready to use set of Pressure Washing Standard Operating Procedures that can be used in your new or existing business.  I have decided to make this process even easier by allowing you to purchase right here through our web site. Here is what you get and how you can order.

So basically this is an all inclusive set of policies and procedures for your business.  Listed below see attachments of screen shots of the complete list of policies separated by category. The idea is that this will get you squared away on almost everything you will need to implement a set of SOPs in your business and also be customized with your logo, company name, and watermarked image. You can also edit any of these files as you see fit, as your company grows, or you can create your own policies using the templates.

Pressure Washing Standard Operating ProceduresPressure Washing Standard Operating ProcedurePressure Wash Standard Operating ProceduresPower Wash Standard Operating ProceduresPressure Wash Standard Operating Procedures







Save Time and Money with Standard Operating Procedures

What’s the purpose In having these documents and policies in place?

1)  To give your employees clear expectations.. if you never give clear cut and clearly defined expectations, you have nothing to hold them accountable to.

2) Disciplinary action and documentation..have clearly defined stages with explanations and forms for documentation promoting performance improvement as well as protecting you from unemployment, or being stuck with a problem employee.

3) Protective Policies such as sexual harassment, equal opportunity, and workplace violence.

4) Forms – Application for employment, interview, damage to property, lost or damaged equipment, incident reporting, and much more.… the list goes on and on…

In regards to placing an order, it’s fairly simple…

1) You will be sent a Non-Disclosure Agreement for you to review, sign, and send back.

2) You will send need to send a high quality version of your logo (Vector format often works best, or PDF, or PNG).

3) Payment can be made via PayPal Friends (, Facebook Messenger, or Check by mail.

Once we have everything from you, it should only take about 3-5 days for turnaround. The completed package will be sent via shared drop box file, as well as a thumb drive sent in the mail.

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