14 Foot Trailer


Brand New 14 foot trailer with a 8Gpm/3500 PSI and 35HP Motor, Hot/Cold pressure washer, 225 Gallon Water buffer tank, plumbed with Hudson float valve so the water doesn’t flow out of the tank.

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Also plumbed with a 3 way valve on a 65 gallon chemical tank for bleach, for down streaming so you can apply your mix and rinse without moving your pick up tube. 2 Hannay Electric Hose reels for 200 foot of pressure hose and 150 foot of garden hose. Easy drainage hose for both the water and chemical tanks. Custom built and fabricated stainless steel ladder rack, with ladder stop so ladder doesn’t extend over the burner. Metal panels below on both sides of trailer for advertising. Vise installed on rear of trailer for easy repairs on job site. Tool box mounted on front of trailer for convenient storage of gallon jugs, guns, wands, tool pouch, etc.  4 pump up sprayer holders to keep them in place and prevent spillage and damage to sprayers.  24 inch Surface Cleaner with mounting/lockable bracket for easy storage and theft prevention.


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