Pressure Washing School FAQ’s

For the last 8 years, we have been holding our monthly school in Houston, Texas.  Here are some Pressure Washing School FAQ’s that will help you with questions you may have.  Please feel free to text me at 2818833630 or email at if you have questions that aren’t answered here. 

When are the schools held?

This monthly school in Houston is held once a month and usually on the Second Monday and Tuesday of every month. The 2019 Schedule is as follows.  January 14,15-February 11,12-March 11,12-April 8,9-May 6,7-June 10,11-July 8,9-August 12,13-September 9,10-October 14,15-November 11,12

What is the cost to attend the monthly schools?

If you are doing business outside of the Houston TX area, the cost is, $750.00.  Any additional attendee’s, the cost is $375.00 per additional attendee.  

If you will be doing business in the Houston TX area, then the cost is $1500.00.  If you are bringing an additional attendee, then the cost for the additional attendee is $750.00 per additional attendee.  

Why does it cost double the price just because I am from Houston

Couple of reasons, first I am training my own local competition and second it is not fair to the attendees that travel to Houston and have travel, lodging, and meal expenses.  It levels the playing field as far as a true cost for both local and out of area attendees.

What type of training happens at the monthly school?

I teach Residential Exterior Cleaning only. This includes House Washing, Roof Cleaning, Driveway Cleaning, I do not teach commercial, fleet wash, kitchen hood cleaning, wood restoration or any other type of pressure washing service.  It is purely residential cleaning only.

What type of training will I receive?

You will receive “hands on” field training as well as classroom training.  One day of training is outside at my home as we teach you how we clean a roof, a house, and a driveway.  During this training we will go over Spraying techniques, Soft Washing, Pressure Washing, Different Chemical Application methods for Soft Washing and Pressure Washing, How we set up on a job site, Planning and Visualizing the job, Chemical Mix Ratio’s, what I look for when I am bidding a job as well as what I look for protecting the property, plants, pets and more.  This is training is done at my home or on a job site when available.

Day Two

The second day of training is classroom training and is held at our office. The classroom portion consists of power point presentations that cover House Washing and Roof Cleaning, Equipment needed, Mixing ratios, Different Application Methods, Bidding Residential Jobs, Preparing the Job Site, Identifying Surfaces, Stains and Best Application Methods, and More.  We also have power points presentations that will cover Roof Cleaning, Concrete Cleaning and Plant and Property Protection.

Each day starts at about 9:00am, at my house, unless advised a different start time, and we usually finish by 12:00-1:00 each day. Please do not arrive earlier than 9:00am or the designated start time given to you.

Travel and Lodging Recommendations

I recommend that you fly into the Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) as it is only 10-15 from my house.  The hotel that I recommend is the Courtyard Marriott Kingwood TX. The phone number is 2819731790. Reservations can be made for $124.00 a night, using the code DougRuckerSchool.  (If you have any problems ask for Tara the manager). This hotel is just 5 minutes from my office, and has plenty of eating, shopping and even a movie theatre within walking distance. There are many other choices for lodging near me, you would just want to stay in the Kingwood/Humble area.  I advise that you plan to arrive sometime Sunday afternoon and plan to leave, if flying, no earlier than 3-4pm on Tuesday after the class.


The Courtyard Marriott no longer offers a shuttle to and from the airport.  My suggestion is to either take a cab or Uber to the Courtyard Marriott, if you choose that hotel.  A rental car is also an option to consider if you plan to tour the Houston Area during your free time.  Once you’ve arrived, we will pick you up each day for the school and drop you back off at the hotel, if needed.  On Tuesday, once the school has concluded, you will need to make arrangements for transportation back to the airport.

pressure washing school faq's

Online Video Pressure Washing School

Is there any additional training after the school and if so what is the cost?

The only additional training that you can purchase is my online video school. In fact you may want to consider purchasing it first. The online school has all the teachings I teach here and over 180 additional training videos.  It is a lifetime one time membership of $449.00, (price subject to change), and you get access to all current videos and future videos. There are also optional tests you can take after each module. The test’s are $28.95 each and there is one each for Roof Cleaning, House Washing, Concrete Cleaning, and Plant and Property Protection. 

Attending my school here in Houston, DOES NOT give you free access to the online video school. It is a separate purchase. Please don’t assume that just because you pay to attend the school here that the online video school comes with that purchase. IT DOES NOT . This is why I say you may want consider the online school first.

Any student that attends my school will have access to me anytime they need additional help at no extra charge.  This means you can text me, email me, or call me anytime you have questions, whether it be about equipment selection, bidding a job, how to clean something, etc.  I also offer video conferencing when needed as well. Whatever you need, I am here to help you succeed. If I don’t know the answer, I will help you get it. I am here to help your new business be successful and to teach you how to clean using the proper process and procedures.  Remember that just because the school ends, the education does not.

Is there a Certification?

You will receive a Certificate of Attendance for Exterior Cleaning.  You also have an option to purchase a listing on our Web Site directory at $100.00 per year.  This is not required.  It is only an option if you’d like to have your business listed as a Certified Graduate. 

Our school is also accepted by the UAMCC for certification through them once you qualify for testing.  For more information on UAMCC certification go to