Online Pressure Washing School

The most comprehensive and oldest Online Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning school is available to you with over 185 videos for a one time, one low price.  This means you only pay once, and never have to worry about paying again.  All videos are available for viewing as many times as you’d like and the list grows each month as I add more pressure washing training videos.   This Online Pressure Washing School was started back in 2013 and currently has over 200 members.

These Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning classes cover everything you need to know to Start your Pressure Washing Business.  Soft Wash Roof Cleaning,  House Washing, Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaning, and much more are also included.  This online video school is available to power washing contractors and is not available to those local to the Houston Texas area.

Starting a Roof Cleaning Business

Online Pressure Washing School
Online Pressure Washing School

Learn how to mix and apply your cleaning solutions to a variety of different surfaces, as well as the different ways to Soft Wash roofs, homes and buildings.

Property Protection is covered in our Property and Plant Protection class.  Learn what to look for on a job and how to protect the property from unnecessary damage.  This is one of the most often over looked areas when Starting a Roof Cleaning Business.

As an Online Pressure Washing School student, you will drastically cut your learning curve and establish the confidence and ability to safely clean residential properties.  For a list of the online video classes that you receive for the price of $449.00, CLICK HERE.   As more videos are added the price will increase but as of today 08/13/19, the price is $449.00.  This one time payment gains you access to all future videos posted.

As one of my student’s you will have access to me whenever you have questions via email, text or phone call. You also have the option to take a test after the House Washing, Roof Cleaning, Driveway Cleaning and Property Protection.  There are 4 different test, and each test is priced at $28.95.  Once completed and passed, you can print out a certificate for use in marketing materials, web site, etc.

Also please visit our You Tube Channel and subscribe. And if you have any questions feel free to text me at 2818833630 or by email at