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    As an Online Pressure Washing School student, you will be able to drastically cut your learning curve and establish the confidence and ability to safely clean residential properties. Therefore, below is a list of the online pressure washing and roof cleaning video classes that you will get for the price of $449.00.  As more videos are added the price will increase but as of today 9/6/21, the price is $449.00.  Once you pay you never pay again and will have access to all future videos posted. As an Online Pressure Washing School student you will also have access to me whenever you have questions via email, text or phone call. There are also optional certification tests you can take after each module. The certification test’s are $28.95 each and there is one each for Roof Cleaning, House Washing, Concrete Cleaning, and Plant and Property Protection.  If you decide to take the test’s, and you pass, you can get a listing on our directory located HERE.  We would need you to Email us your logo in Digital Format to


    Video One-First Things First

    Video 2 – Environmental Preparation

    Video 3 – Get Hands On Training

    Video 4 – Equipment Needs

    Video 5-Get Practice

    Video 6-Your First Customer Contact

    Video 7 – Estimates

    Video 8- Estimates Using Google/Bing Maps

    Video 9-Basics of House Washing

    Video 10 – Quick Basic Sales Techniques for your First Estimate

    Video 11-More House Washing Basics

    Video 12-Setting Up On The Job Site

    Video 13- A few Before and Afters of some surfaces that we have cleaned and how we did them.

    Video 14- More House Wash Basics

    Video 15 Roof Cleaning Preparation

    Video 16 Roof Cleaning One Story Roof

    Video 17- Metal/Tile Roof Cleaning Basics

    Video 18 Mixing Calculations

    Video 19 Ground Man Basics

    Video 20 Driveway Cleaning Basics

    Video 21 Pool Deck Cleaning Basics

    Video 22 Gunslinger Soft Wash System (we no longer sell these)

    Video 23 A One on One Video WEBINAR with Jon Reese.  If you are interested in having one of these just let me know and we will get it scheduled.

    Video 24 Residential Marketing Basics #1.  In this video I discuss some basic marketing/advertising you can do as you start business.

    Video 25 Residential Marketing #2 More basic marketing/advertising to help you get your business started.

    Video 26 Live Estimate-In this video I record the things that I look for as I am on an actual estimate. This video is kind of basic. Will do another one that is more detailed shortly.

    Video 27 Setting up a Down Stream Injector

    Video 28 Basics of Downstreaming

    Video 29 Basic X-Jetting

    Video 30 Using a Dual Lance/Adjustable Wand

    Video 31 Building Cleaning- in this video I stopped by to see how my guys were doing on a project. Decided to shoot a quick video.

    Video 32 Recognizing EIFS vs Traditional Stucco

    Video 33 Quick Overview of a Roof and House Cleaning

    Video 34 Spraying a 2nd Story Roof From a Ladder

    Video 35 More Spraying from a roof

    Video 36 Rinsing around doors and windows

    Video 37 Cleaning a Pool Deck. This one is a Kool Deck that you have to be careful and not use a lot of pressure

    Video 38 Actual Pool Deck cleaning-in this short video you see how actually do the cleaning using an adjustable/dual lance wand

    Video 39 Getting ready to clean a driveway-Preparing a driveway for cleaning

    Video 40 – Actual cleaning of a Driveway

    Video 41 – Cleaning a Pebble Rock Sidewalk

    Video 42 – A Little Extra

    Video 43 Our Equipment

    Video 44 Short conversation with the customer

    Video 45 How are you environmentally responsible

    Video 46 Tips and Tricks – Transferring from a 5 Gallon Pail to a 1 Gallon Jug

    Video 47 How I dilute my mixes for House Washing and Roof Cleaning. Basic Information.  More to come later.

    Video 48 Rinsing a Roof

    Video 49 Installing a Mosmatic Hose Swivel- This will help prevent your hose from twisting as you are washing and provide for better hose control.

    Video 50 Preview of an Air Diaphragm Pump-This is another type of pump used for Soft Washing Roofs, Houses, buildings etc. It uses an Air Compressor to supply the power to deliver the mix.

    Video 51 Oxidation-How to spot and test for Oxidation

    Video 52 Oxidation Test on Vinyl Siding

    Video 53 Short Video on Applying Mix using X-Jet

    Video 54 Using a Long Extension Wand to Clean Brick with a Low Flow Rinse Nozzle

    Video 55 Using a Cob Web Duster To Pre Clean Cob Webs and Spider Sac’s

    Video 56 Cleaning inside an All Wood Patio area of a home

    Video 57 Using Graffiti Wipes

    Video 58 Air Diaphragm Pump Maintenance

    Video 59 How we set up for Roof Cleaning

    Video 60 Roof Spraying Technique Quick Tip

    Video 61 Roof Spraying Techniques 

    Video 62 Roof Cleaning with a Water Fed Pole

    Video 63 New Gunslinger Double Barrel Air Diaphragm Set Up

    Video 64 Gunslinger Double Barrel Soft Wash System

    Video 65 Proposals and Estimates What I Use

    Video 66 Proposals Following Up And Managing Services

    Video 67 Property Protection

    Video 68 Rinsing Bug Matter From Vinyl Siding

    Video 69 Installing A Ball Valve

    Video 70 Setting Up A Mosmatic Hose Swivel

    Video 71 Point Of View As I do an Estimate

    Video 72 Getting Ready to do a Job

    Video 73 Spraying a 2 Story Roof From A Ladder

    Video 74 Downstream Injector W ByPass Set Up

    Video 75 Guy Blackmon Shooter Tip

    Video 76 Lines Left By A Surface Cleaner Explanation

    Video 77 Initial Consultation on a Decra Roof Cleaning

    This video is a live recording of my crew doing an initial consultation with the friend of a customer who we have already been awarded the contract to clean a large Decra Stone Coated Roof.  The customer could not be there so she had her friend meet us there so we could test the gutters, which are copper and brand new.  We need to do a test spot to make sure the mix would not harm the gutters and also wanted to get on video that we were explaining, even if the test spot passed, we were still not going to be responsible for any spotting or damage to the gutters once we started cleaning.

    Video 78 Initial Decra Roof Consultation 2

    Video 79 Consultation on Decra Roof with actual Home Owner

    Video 80 More Consultation With Me and Customer

    In this video I wrap up the roof cleaning consultation, which I sold at $2500, and lead into upselling a house wash and pool deck cleaning.

    Video 81 Customer invite’s us inside house to See Pool Deck. Once we sold the Pool deck cleaning we visited for a bit inside her beautiful home and I kind of wrapped up the sale and pricing.

    Video 82 Using a Remote Control for Downstreaming

    Video 83 Demo Using a remote Control for Downstreaming

    Video 84 Using and Adjustable Wand When Cleaning Brick

    In this video I show us using an adjustable wand when cleaning brick. We are using this wand and water only, because we are in a very high traffic area. It was also a little windy and so we did not want a lot of the mist from bleach floating through the air and getting on people, cars, neighboring buildings etc,…not to mention the smell. We do downstream with a little beach once are done with areas to help brighten up the brick and grout. But this IS NOT a building and atmosphere that you would want to use a dedicated pump.

    Video 85 Blogging on Power Wash Network/Other Forums

    Blogging on forums is very important to your SEO for your web site and business. I highly recommend you signing up on Power Wash Network and start posting and blogging. It is the oldest Power Washing Forum BBS and has ton’s of great SEO Juice for your site, in fact probably the best of any our there because of all the links and history.

    Video 86 Removing Tree Tannin Stains Part 1

    Often times on concrete you will see stains that look black or purple and sometimes even rust colored. If you look above you will see tree’s close by, like oak tree’s, sweet gum ball, and some others. These stains are from the leaves or droppings from the trees. A good strong house mix, and some cases even a roof mix, will get rid of these. The next 3 videos will show us doing that.

    Video 87 Removing Tree Tannin Stains Part 2

    Video 88 Removing Tree Tannin Stains Part 3

    Video 89 Attaching Fittings to a Round Pipe Wand

    Video 90 Time Lapse Video

    Just a little fun using the Time Lapse feature on my iPhone

    Video 91 demo of X Jet Adjustable Downstream Nozzle

    Video 92 On Site Estimate and What I look For

    This is a video I shot while doing an estimate at a home.

    Video 93 Sometimes you have to Scrub

    Video 94 Cleaning from a Lift

    Here is quick little snippet from a job we recently completed cleaning a 3 story historical church building. In this video we are using water only, no chemical. The high volume GPM machines we use and the adjustable wads allow us to clean without using bleach or chemicals in this highly trafficked area.

    Video 95 A little fun with the boys on the lift

    Video 96 Using a Cob Web Duster

    Video 97 Get the Lip First

    Video 98 Spraying an Elevated Roof

    Video 99 Protecting Plants with No Gutters

    Video 100 Protecting Plants with No Gutters #2

    Video 101 Protecting Plants with No Gutters #3

    Video 102 Air Diaphragm Soft Wash Set Up

    Video 103 The “RUCKSTER” House And Building Was Rig

    Video 104 Watch Out For Those Scam Texts/Emails

    Video 105 Another Video showing the Remote Control for Down Streaming

    In this Video I am showing how we use the remote control for Down Streaming our building wash mix onto a Church building that is a little over 2 story’s. We are also using a shooter tip from Guy Blackmon that allows us to shoot our mix that high.

    Video 106 Pre Cleaning for Sidewalk/Parking Lot Cleaning

    In this short video clip we are demonstrating how we pre clean areas prior to us cleaning sidewalks and parking lots. It is very important to pick up all trash prior to cleaning so that once you are done all this trash is just not scattered all over the areas. You are also reducing pollution by doing this.

    Video 107 Roof Cleaning Test Spot 

    Video 108 More Roof Cleaning Spraying Techniques

    Video 109 Roof Cleaning Brown Stains Dead Algae

    Video 110 Cleaning an EIFS Office Building

    Video 111 More Cleaning an EIFS Office Building

    Video 112 Cleaning Concrete Trim on a Commercial Building

    Video 113 Fine Tuning Your Process

    Video 114 Rinse Once-Don’t Repeat Steps You Can Do Once

    Video 115 Cleaning a Metal Building With Seams

    Video 116 Our New Truck Rig

    Video 117 Our New Trailer Rig

    Video 118 A Little Drone Action

    Video 119 Cleaning Real Dirty Brick

    Video 120 Voxer App

    Video 121 Commercial Building Estimate

    Video 122 Another Commercial Building Estimate

    Video 123 My Old Flatbed Rig (Wish I’d Never Sold It)

    Video 124 Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

    Video 125 Treating Gold Mold On A Roof

    Video 126 Quick Tip I Thought of While Cleaning the Roof of A Hotel

    Video 127 Time Lapse Video of me Cleaning and EIFS Exterior Wall

    Video 128 Reminder about Pre-Wetting

    Video 129 Cleaning Around a Commercial Building Sign

    Video 130 Commercial Strip Center Cleaning Tip

    Video 131 Cleaning Porous Block

    Video 132 More Commercial Building Cleaning

    Video 133 Roof Cleaning Soap I Use

    Video 134 More Roof-Spraying Technique

    Video 135 Roof Cleaning Tip

    Video 136 Hose Bend Restrictors

    Video 137 Booster Pump Tip

    Video 138 Truck Washing

    Video 139 Commercial Building We Cleaned In Florida

    Video 140 Trigger Gun for Soft Washing

    Video 141 Wood Deck Cleaning and The Product I use

    Video 142 Wood Deck Cleaning Continued

    Video 143 Wood Deck Cleaning-Tannin Brightener

    Video 144 Changing O-Rings

    Video 145 Mosmatic Gun Swivel

    Video 146 New Karcher Gun I use

    Video 147 Commercial Building Tip

    Video 148 Commercial Sidewalk Cleaning

    Video 149 Using RAP to clean Oxidation off Gutters

    Video 150 Another Video using RAP to clean Gutters

    Video 151 Gutter Brightening w RAP

    Video 152 How I have my Dougenator Set up

    Video 153 Gunslinger Soft Wash System

    Video 154 Adjustable Cone nozzle

    Video 155 My Products

    Video 156 Walk Around of a Commercial Bid

    Video 157 Being a Difference Maker

    Video 158 Ready to Use Tools

    Video 159 Oxidation Explanation Again

    Video 160 Pressure Washing Hose Care

    Video 161 Installing Dougenator Fittings

    Video 162 Changing out Orings

    Video 163 Another Video showing the Use of the  Misting Nozzle

    Video 164 Removing Tannin Stains

    Video 165 Facebook Search and Notifications

    Video 166 Protecting Doors and Electronic Keypads

    Video 167 Spraying Two Stories and Higher with The Gunslinger

    Video 168 Using and Adjustable Wand to Control Overspray

    Video 169 Cleaning Some Crushed Concrete In a Parking Lot

    Video 170 Time Lapse Rust Removal

    Video 171 Paint Flaking Not A Stain

    Video 172 Fixing a Leaking Hose Bib

    Video 173 Stopping Ladder Noise On A Truck

    Video 174 Trimming Out A Driveway

    Video 175 Bad Drainage On A Driveway

    Video 176 Bad Drainage On A Driveway #2

    Video 177 Great Video On Unloaders and How They Work

    Video 178 One of the Best Videos I have Seen on How to Set an Unloader

    Video 179 Showing Off The Gunslinger Soft Wash System

    Video 180 One of My Trailer Rigs

    Video 181 Roof Cleaning Plant Protection

    Video 182 Using A Low Pressure Rinse Nozzle On Brick

    Video 183 How I Clean A Wood Deck

    Video 184 Protecting Copper Gutters and Roofs

    Video 185 Graffiti Removal Time Lapse Video

    Video 186 Graffiti Removal Using An Adjustable Wand On A Historical Building

    Video 187 Estimate Walk Through

    Video 188 Installing A Bulk Head Fitting Into A Tank

    Video 189 King’s Kling Roof And House Cleaning soap

    Video 190 Hose Rolling Lesson

    Video 191 Modified X Jet

    Video 192 X Jet VS Modified X Jet In Action

    Video 193 Prepping To Seal A Patio

    Video 194 Prep Cleaning To Seal A Patio

    Video 195 Using Adjustable Cone Nozzle For Applying Bleach To A Patio

    Video 196 Mad Max 5GPM Portable Pressure Washer

    Video 197 Cleaning LaHabra Stucco With RAP

    Video 198 Front 9 Cookbook For Restoration Cleaning

    Video 199 Keeping Plastic Shavings Out Of Tank When Installing Bulk Heads

    Video 200 Installing Drop Tubes In A Tank

    Video 201 Importance Of Getting Cell Phone Numbers

    Video 202 Cob Web Dusting On A Commercial Building

    Video 203 Cob Web Dusting Time Lapse

    Video 204 Kingslinger Soft Wash System Air Diaphragm

    Video 205 Protecting Property Glass Doors

    Video 206 Kingslinger Soft Wash System Reach Distance

    Video 207 Coupler And Plug Maintenance

    Video 208 More Info On Downstream Injectors

    Video 209 A Pressure Washers Wife’s Life

    Video 210 Document Of Oxidation On Surfaces You Can Copy And Paste For Your Use

    Video 211 Links To Information You Can Use

    Video 212 Downstream Injector Maintenance

    Video 213 Artillery Fungus

    Video 214 Commercial Estimate Walk Through

    Video 215 Texting And Emailing Quotes With Out A Site Visit

    Video 216 Great Little Surface Cleaner

    Video 217 Kingslinger Client Testimonial

    Video 218 Five Around Post Cards

    Video 219 How we fill our bleach tanks

    Video 220 Commercial Cleaning Tips

    Video 221 Commercial Trailer Rig

    Video 222 Truck Mount Skid For Sale

    Video 223 Pressure Washing Gun Alternative

    Video 224 In depth Installation of Bulk Heads In Tanks (Longer Version)

    Video 225 Check Valve for Downstream Injector

    Video 226 Surface Cleaner Maintenance and Tips

    Video 227 How to Clean Wood Deck Rafters

    Video 228 Cleaning a 2 Story House With a Wood Deck

    Video 229 How To Set Up A High Pressure Gun Bypass

    Video 230 Why I Don’t Use 200 Foot Pressure Hose

    Video 231 Slow Down Driving In Neighborhoods

    Video 232  Unboxing of a 9GPM Pressure Washer

    Video 233  My Favorite Soft Wash Gun

    Video  234  Keeping Windows Wet When in Hot Sun

    Video  235   A GooLoo Charger is a Must Have

    Video 236   Assembling a Titan Hose Reel

    Video 237   Hardcore Hose Reel Installation

    Video 238   5 Tips for House Washing

    Video 239   5 Tips for Saving Time On the Job Site

    Video 240  Two tip Tuesday Cleaning Around Front Doors

    Video 241 X Jet Modification

    Video 242 Portable Pressure Washer Set Up

    Video 243 Pressure Washing Hose Fittings Explained

    Video 244 Kingslinger Soft Wash System Updates

    Video 245 Pressure Washing Tennis Courts

    Video 246 Hose and Trailer Hook Up Tips

    Video 247 Providing Water Source at Trailer/Truck

    Video 248 Water Fed Pole Training

    Video 249 Explanation of Jrod and how they are used

    Video 250 Difference Maker School September 12&13 2020

    Video 251 Full Driveway Cleaning

    Video 252 Mad Max 9GPM Pressure Washer Cleaning a Driveway

    Video #253 How to use an Adjustable Wand

    Video #254 Kingslinger 10GPM Soft Wash System Distance

    Video #255 Another Kingslinger Video Showing Distance using GF Valves

    Video #256 Using and Adjustable Cone Nozzle On Pavers

    Video #257 Honda Pressure Washer Won’t Start?  Could Be This Fuse

    Video #258 Commercial Building Wash Tips

    Video #259 How to Assemble An Adjustable Wand

    Video #260 Roof Cleaning Property Protection Tips (KOI Fish)

    Video #261 Enclosed Truck Build

    Video #262 Two Tip Tuesday Cob Web Removal

    Video #263 Kingslinger Installation Instructions

    Video #264 Kingslinger Air Compressor Operation

    Video #265 Pressure Washer Trailer Build

    Video #266 Winterizing Your Equipment

    Video #267 Pressure Washing Truck Skid

    Video #268 Commercial Building Cleaning Tips

    Video #269 4GPM Cold Water Mad Max Pressure Washer Set Up

    Video #270 Hose Length For A Portable Pressure Washer


    VIDEO #272 10 Year Anniversary of My School

    Video #273 Difference Maker School

    Video #274 My Chemical Line Up

    Video #275 Downstream Injector Options

    Video #276 Installing the Kingslinger Updates

    Video #277 Pressure Washing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

    Video #278 Roof Cleaning Tips and Treating Moss and Lichen

    Video #279 Setting Up a Pressure Washer

    Video #280 Unboxing a 4GPM Pressure Washer

    Video #281 Downstream Check Valve Repair

    Video #282 Cleaning Decra Stone Coated Roofs

    Video #283 Top 5 Tools We Sell at the Store

    Video #284 How to Make Drop Tube Fittings

    Video #285 Pressure Washing vs Soft Washing Debate

    Video #286 Pressure Washing School Testimony

    Video #287 Bleach Lesson

    Video #288 Hose Reel Set Up and Plumbing

    Video #289 Cleaning Alucabond Panels

    Video #290 Pressure Washing Van Set Up/Build

    Video #291 My Utility Truck Build

    Video #292 Seating Your Nozzles Correctly




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