Gunslinger Soft Wash System

Now available through the DougRuckerStore is the Gunslinger Soft Wash System complete with a 5GPM 12Volt Electric pump.  It also includes hose reel, 200 feet of soft wash hose, soft wash gun, nozzles, AND the Dougeantor Mixing system. The Dougenator bleach mixing system allows you to mix, or proportion, your black, water, and soap mix. This Soft Wash System is great for cleaning roofs, and houses.  In addition, buildings, and any other surface needing precise dilution of chemical on a surface. The Gunslinger Soft Wash System can purchased here


When using the Dougenator I always suggest hooking up you water line to the far back ones it as the dial always stays wide open, then use the middle one as the soap line, and then the dial closest to the door use as your bleach line, as that one you change the dial more frequently.

I have found that setting my dial at 3.5 is a good setting for medium dirty roofs. If you use the bleach dial all the way at number 5, then you would you have a 50/50 mix.

The pumps are very good pumps, and when your’s wears out you can easily replace it with the same pump from any Northern Tool.  We try to make our equipment easy for you to use and service, and having a pump that is pretty much local to everyone one of the reasons why I chose this pump.

All you need to purchase to add to this system, is your RV/Marine 12V Battery, tanks for bleach, water, and soap, and then the hose to connect from the Dougenator to the tanks.  You will love working with this system and how quiet it is.

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If you have any questions please feel free to call or text me at 2816611223