by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker

Choosing Pressure Washing Equipment

As you begin to plan and build your pressure washing business, there are many challenging decisions.  So choosing pressure washing equipment that is best for your business is a one of those important decisions.   One of the questions you will hear most often is what is your business model going to be?  Likewise, the questioner is trying to determine what type of business are you going after.  Residential and Commercial cleaning can be two different types of cleaning, requiring different types of equipment.  Notice I said can be? They can also be very similar, and can be done the with the same exact equipment.

Choosing Pressure Washing Equipment

Choosing Pressure Washing Equipment

One of the things I like to do in our school is provide assistance when you are choosing pressure washing equipment. Especially when selecting equipment for the type of work you plan to do.  This is why the Doug Rucker Store is now open for pressure washing business equipment and supplies.  With over thirty years of experience in this business, We know exactly what you need for your business to succeed.  And we never try to over sell you or sell you items you do not need.  If you only intend to clean houses, not roofs, there is no need for a dedicated pump.  Soft Washing vinyl siding, stucco, eifs, and even brick houses come clean with a pressure washer and the correct nozzles. The only time a dedicated pump would be needed is if you are planning to clean roofs.

Dedicated Pumps

Dedicated pumps that are powered by a 12V battery or even some air diaphragm pumps are really best suited for cleaning roofs, and the occasional small house or building.  If you are planning to get into large upscale homes and commercial buildings, then choosing pressure washing equipment that has a high volume pump, like 5-10 gpm, will enable you to clean much faster, making you more profitable.  These types of pumps allow you not only to get your detergents on a large surface faster, they will also provide much faster and more thorough rinsing.

Never buy Pressure Washing Equipment that will not make you profitable

I am more than happy to assist any student of my school with choosing pressure washing equipment that will best suit your business and your budget.  Usually after a short consultation, I can pin point your exact needs and then put together a package for your that will build your business. And we provide much needed support after the sale.

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