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Thanks so much for having us down for your Pressure Cleaning School. The knowledge you passed on regarding different techniques, chemical mixes, equipment, etc… has already proved invaluable. We are just about to start our 2nd season of pressure washing and I only wish I would have done this a year sooner. I feel much more confident after attending your pressure washing classes. Despite all of this, I feel that the most valuable part of this whole experience is having your expertise available whenever I have a question. As you know, I’ve already had a ton of questions, and I will have many more I’m sure. Your classes will more than pay for themselves during our spring season. I am about to send out 500 fliers to our existing residential customer base here in town. Let the pressure washing begin!
David Stoll, March 2013

Thanks for having us out there Doug! Absolutely a fantastic experience, and taught us both way more then we expected. It was good to get hands on experience, technical knowledge, and being able to ask you questions (in my case lots and lots of questions):-). Also glad to know that you are still going to be there in the future to help us out with anything is a huge relief. Lastly your employee Rick was also very helpful to us, tell him thanks for everything as well.
Trtistan Colburg, June 2013

I’ve taken quite a few classes and have been in all types of training, coaching sessions and seminars. I hold certifications and licenses across several industries. The knowledge and experience Doug shares and teaches with is truly remarkable. He meets each student where their individual needs are and teaches with patience and understanding. He holds nothing back and answers each and every question thoroughly. I love information and am a research hound, yet today I learned a ton of NEW information. Practical hands-on training is far superior to theoretical principles. Doug’s been doing this for so long, he teaches when he isn’t even trying to teach. I got to watch and hear Doug deal with his client, employees, colleagues, students and equipment. I witnessed the smooth execution of an exterior cleaning process that has been developed over the course of 30+ years of experience. Looking forward to Day 2!!!
C.L. Scott, October 2013

Highly recommended. Considering the time it takes to learn from trial and error, and the money saved from possible damage avoided AND from purchasing the wrong equipment and chemicals, this is an investment that more than pays for itself!
C.L. Scott, October 2013

I am a current law enforcement officer with the aspirations of starting my own power washing
business this year. I was skeptical flying to Texas for a school I learned of
online; however, after working with Doug on the first day my doubts transformed
to assurance that I was in good hands of a seasoned veteran of the industry.
Doug took the time and patience to answer all my questions with well thought out
and intelligent responses as well as hands on training. Furthermore, he tailored
his instruction to my specific business goals. This affordable educational
experience is a must for those either interested in furthering their training or
aspiring business owners and what better than Doug Rucker as an instructor who
is a proven asset to the power washing industry!
Nick Shea, December 2013

Thank you again Doug.
Your class was a great tool to help me focus on equipment for faster cleaning as well as covering the basics to keep me on where a start-up should be focusing . I do appreciate the time and energy you have put into this. I especially appreciate your focus on customer satisfaction and the smaller points of detail.
If you are just starting out in this industry , “Get yourself a mentor!!!” I like the fact that I can call or text Doug with a more complex question and get his thoughts.
Tim Curlin, February 2014

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If you are starting out in this business, attending this school is as important as doing a business plan. Make this training a part of your plans. The instructor of this school has his finger on the pulse of this industry with many years of experience. I am certain that if you are trying to build a solid foundation for your business that you will find everything you need in this school. Tips, techniques, safety awareness, and business guidelines are all discussed thoroughly. As well as other industry contacts for web design, equipment vendors and power washing forums. My company Alpha Pressure Washing LLC looks, operates, and competes like a professional pressure washing business because of what I have learned from Doug.

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