Pressure Washing School Trailer Rig

This is the new Pressure Washing School Trailer Rig I recently designed and had RamTeq build for me. It is also available for sale through my school and the price for this rig can range between 15K-18K depending on the upgrades you choose. We also have trailer rigs available in the 7K-10K range if you just need something basic and or are just starting out on a limited budget. All of our Pressure Washing School Trailer Rig are built with ease of use and are custom built.

This Pressure Washing rig has a 35 Horse Power Vanguard engine and an 8 gallon per minute pump. 8 gallon per minute pump will give you much more water volume which helps you to clean a lot faster as well as rinsing a lot faster. It is a hot and cold machine. Our Pressure Wash Houston company uses this trailer quite a frequently for servicing our commercial pressure washing clients.

The ladder rack was designed and fabricated by RamTeq and has an overhead ladder stop so that your ladder will not extend over the heater exhaust saving you from damaging your ladder and or burning the ladder rope. It also has metal attached to it for advertising your Pressure Washing business.

Pressure Washing Trailer Rig Features

Other features include electric Hannay hose reels for both the water hose supply and the Pressure Washing hose. A tool box for storage that is wide enough for storing gallon jugs.

The downstream injector is plumbed to the chemical tank and the injector can easily be rinsed by turning the three way valve dial from chemical to rinse.

One of my favorite features is the holders for the pump up sprayers so that they are safely secure and do not move about the trailer. This saves a lot also in damaged sprayers.

For more information about this or any of other rigs that we sell, please call or text me at 2818833630 you can also visit us our you tube channel at